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He makes you sit in his lap on the couch while watching Pitch Perfect and singing along with the songs.

Then he wraps his muscled arms around you and kisses you softly and moves down to your jawline and neck..


You and Justin watch Finding Nemo and eat popcorn and then at the end,he wraps you in his big arms and holds you tight and kisses your forehead,cheeks,nose,temples and finally your lips making you giggle


While out shopping with friends, you spot Fredo browsing through a store with Ryan. As you ponder over there quietly and cup two hands around his eyes, Fredo chuckles. "Guess who?" You say, trying to hide a giggle. "Is it the amazing girl I'm dating?" Fredo suggests. Fredo unwraps your hands from his hands then he places his hands on your waist, holding you close. "Oh, there's another? Is she prettier than me?" You whisper jokingly, attempting to hide a smile but it appears anyway. "No one's prettier than you,"and Fredo kisses your lips.


I think Fredo's was cute


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