He Thinks Your Cheating

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Idea from Xena C:

Justin POV

"You're never home,Y/n!" I yelled. "You're always going out, and you don't come home until the early hours of the morning!" Recently, I've been frustrated with Y/n's behaviour.Shee has been going out with her buddies to stores each night, and she doesn't come home until 2 or 3 in the morning. I never get to see her that much anymore and I miss her. "I don't care. You can't tell me what to do. You're not my mother. I hate you. Why are you even here?"Y/n yelled back. Tears started to from in my eyes when Y/n told me she hated me and didn't want me anymore.She has never said anything like that to me before, and in all honesty it hurt me a lot when heard that. I ended my conversation with Y/n when I quickly ran up to my room to grab my phone and ran out the door. "Wait! Justin,You don't understand! I didn't mean what I said! I'm sorry! Please come back" I heard Y/n say as I was getting into my car. I didn't know where to go, so I stopped by Starbucks. I sat in a booth in the corner of the restaurant and cried. My focus had been all on thinking about Y/n and crying.


I decided to go out to Subway cause you were starving.You ordered and sat down in a corner and cried thinking about Justin.

I didn't notice someone was standing in front of me until he ask me, "Are you okay?" "Yeah," I replied quickly wiping the tears away. I looked at the guy.Your best Guy friend that your help planning a wedding for.Thats the reason why you've been late with the money and practice . "May I sit?" he asked while pointing to the empty seat across from me. "Uh...yeah...sure," I said."Obviously you were lying and you are not okay judging by your puffy eyes," He said. I chuckled. "Yeah, just going through a rough patch," I explained. "Yeah? Wanna talk about it? Maybe I could help?,"He said grinning. I chuckled again. I liked (Y/G/F/N), he was funny and very generous. "Well, my boyfriend and I were fighting about how I'm never at home and don't come home until 2 or 3 AM," I explained. "And during our argument, I said I hated him and basically told himto go away.""Well, he obviously doesn't have a brain huh," (Y/G/F/N) said and that made me blush a little.

Later, I returned to the house to pick up my stuff.(Y/G/F/N) had offered me to stay at his place until I could find my own. Like usual, when I returned to the house Justin was not there. Once, I got all of my stuff, I drove over to (Y/G/F/N)'s apartment. It was a nice cozy little place.

Weeks later, when Y/G/F/n and I were just walking around the city we were swarmed by paparazzi. I knew TMZ would think this would I'm cheating now by going out in public. I used to be attacked by paparazzi too when I was dating Justin, so I'm used to it.

One day, G/F/n and his fiends were planning for a bachelor party which was located near the recording studio Justin went to.Y/G/F/N were planning and talking about money and supplie.During the lunch break,He were interrupted by someone. It was Justin. He walked up to me and shoved the daily newspaper into my face. "Explain this!" he demanded. I looked at what he was talking about. It was a picture of Y/G/F/N and I walking around the city a couple of days ago. "It's nothing. He's just a friend," I explained. "Well, he seems like more than just a friend to me!" Justin said angrily. "Justin, can we not do this now?" I pleaded. "No! You know what? It's over. We're done!" He shouted. "We were already over when I walked out on you a month ago!" I shouted back. "Whatever. Go hangout with your friend or boyfriend or whoever he is! I don't ever want to talk to you ever again! We are never ever getting back together!" he said. And with that, my relationship with Justin ended.

March 1,2014

Your POV

I got my dress on for G/F/N wedding.

This is why I've been late,working,doing practice,Doing decorations and planning.

I'd never cheat on Justin with a friend who is getting married and my friend since forever.

I walked down the aisle with one of the groomsmen.He was cute but not my type.

-----After The Wedding-----

I went to Justin's house to see what I've been doing.

I knocked on the door,Still dressed up.

Before I said anything,he spoke.

"I saw that you planned his wedding and the late shifts and all in the news"He said then hung his head low.

I lifted his chin and kissed him.

"I'm sorry."He said.

"I love you"You said hugging him.

"I love you too Y/n"

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