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When Youre On Your Period

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(I didn't finish but Im gonna finish but I was gonna write it at 4:15 am but I fell asleep)

Short!!! so I had a brain freeze actually been up all night!!

You woke up to a empty bed cause Justin went to the studio and you realized your on your period and you changed the sheets and clothes and lay back down in bed and watched Finding Nemo.

Justin came home and came upstairs,He saw you laying in bed and he comes towards you and cuddled with you.

"Hey babe"He said kissing your forehead.

You start crying your eyes out.

"What's wrong babe?"he said stroking your hair.

"The-they t-t-took Nemo aw-away"You sobbed.

"Babe,you never cried any other time we watched this"He said.

"Well,this is different"You said.

"Your on your monthly"He said getting up,his warmth leaving you.

"Where are you going?"You whined.

"Be right back"He said kissing your lips and leaving.You heard his car leave,"He is leaving me cause I'm a mess"You started breaking down again.Minutes later he came back in the room with 3 bags,with chocolate,candy,popcorn,a blanket and a teddy bear.

"I thought you were gonna leave me."You said screaming at him.He brought you the blanket and teddy bear.

"I'd never leave my one less lonely girl"E said as he cupped your chin ad kissed you passionately.

Then he pulled out another bag.

It had a autographed box of Our Moment from One Direction.

I hope you feel better love -Harry x

Makes sure Justin takes care of you (: -Nialler x

Mother's gift...Good luck -Louis (:

I love you and I hope you feel better -Zayn xx

I hope you feel better and you should feel better with Our moment(; -Liam x

You smiled and opened the box.

The sweet flowery smell over took your nose and you put it with the other perfume Justin bought you.

"Now,Who wants chocolate?"Justin said holding up two boxes of chocolates.

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I love you my Sweet Beliebers(;

P.s @XenaaLewiss is my Bess friennnn!!!!!(:

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