I Cant Believe You

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Preference # 17 - He Sleeps With You As A Bet (Justin)

"Ok Truth or Dare, Justin," you said slightly drunk.

"Uhmm *hiccup* dare," he slurred.

"Ok, y-you have to *hiccup* run around the neighbors' front yard naked, yelling 'I'm finally free'." you slurred

Justin and you were both playing a drunk version of Truth or Dare in the front room. Now Justin was undressing on the way out of the house. When he got outside, he started running to the neighbors' yard and yelling at the top of his lungs that he is free. You were laughing uncontrollably, on the floor.

Justin was your best friends for years so, of course you've seen him naked before but nothing sexual in any way. Granted, Justin is hot and you would think about how he would feel when having sex, you would never act on the desire of lust and jeopardize your friendship.

Justin was walking back over to the house and you were on the floor, laughing. "I didn't think you would actually do it," you said over your laughter.

"Come on, get up," he said offering his hand. You accepted it and stood up.

You walked back over to the living room and pick up the beer bottles. You proceeded to the kitchen and threw the bottles away. You were leaning over the kitchen sink to wash your hands when suddenly you felt someone grind their crotch on the back of your dress.

You quickly turned around and saw Justin.

"W-What are you doing?" you questioned because he was your best friend.

"Y/N, I've liked you for a long time. Will you allow me to make love to you?" he said looking deep in to your soul.

"Umm Justin. We are best friends. I-I don't want our friendship to be ruined." you stuttered.

"Please," he said grasping your hands, looking into your eyes.

"Ok," you said. Justin attached his lips to yours and picked you up bridal style to his bedroom.

*Next Morning*

You awoke to the sun shining through the curtains making them useless now. You turned around in bed and were met with cold, lifeless bedsheets. You stretched and got out of bed. You put on your panties and one of Justin's oversized shirts. You made your way to the bedroom door when you heard something that broke your heart.

"Yeah. I slept with her. You owe me $100. Yeah. I probably should get back before she notices I'm not there. Bye, Fredo." you heard Justin's conversation with Fredo.

You opened the bedroom door with tears streaming down your cheeks. "R-Really? I'm o-only worth $100 dollars t-to you?" you cried to him.

"Y/N babe. It's not what it looks like. Ok?" he calmly said.

You marched away from Justin with tears blurring your visions. You went straight to the bedroom and grabbed your clothes, ignoring the pleads from Justin. You got dressed ripped off Justin's shirt.

"Y/N PLEASE! STOP!" Justin begged on his knees in front of you in nothing but his boxers. You felt bad for him but realization hit you. The sight of Justin was resenting and made your skin crawl.

You kneel'd down in front of Justin and grabbed his face. He looked up at you and you looked down at him.

"You're pathetic," you whispered to him. He broke down in tears and you got up and walked out the bedroom door. As you made your way downstairs, you realized how stupid he was.

You opened the front door, hearing Justin's faint cries and sobs in the background, and walked out the door and out of his life.

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