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#Imagine you're going on tour with justin because you're the opening act for his believe tour. The crew likes you a lot and everything is perfect. But it's not as easy as you thought it would be. You are trying to be nice to everyone, to beliebers and other fanbases, but there are still haters everywhere. You even get death threats, thousand tweets from haters and everyone is watching your every move. You can't go out without paparazzi following you. You really didn't knew it would be THAT annoying and exhausting. It's going on for months now and you're already tired of all the bullshit. I bet you all know those moments when you suddenly feel down and broken, right ? Well, you had a lot of those last time. Everyone is telling you to keep going but it's not that easy. You are on your phone right now, going through tweets from fans, friends and haters. Your smile disappears when you see a lot of hater tweets coming in. People hate you without knowing you. This is all too much right now so you go into your room before someone notices you crying. It's dark and rainy outside and you didn't turn on the lights. You're sitting there, on the floor in front of the window, watching the rain and crying. You don't want a life like that, you didn't expected this. Suddenly you hear someone entering your room. You turn around to face the person, and ofc it was justin. He is always worried about you. You're trying to wipe the tears away but he already noticed. Without saying anything he sits down next to you on the floor and takes you in his arms. "Pssh" he whispers into your ear as he slowly rocks your bodys back and forth but you can't hold back the feelings and burst out into tears again. He holds you thigh and tries to look at you. You turn your head a little to face him. The lights from the streets make it possible to see his face but it was still very dark and you're still in his arms. "Please don't cry, it's okay" he whispers again. "Nothing's okay justin" you say while trying to hold back the tears again "my life is a damn mess right now, I don't wanna live this life. It's too much, I can't handle this". "You have to stay strong (Y/N). Don't listen to them, you know who you are and you know what you can." "Justin it's too much for me, I can't stay strong anymore. How can you live like that ? It's so hard" He looks down with a sad face "I can understand you (Y/N). It's not always easy" he looks back at you "but I wanna tell you something. I never told anyone, you're the first person who gets to know my secret. I think it'll help you. So, When i was 16 I was doing my first world tour. I was so excited and I couldn't believe it. I never thought I'm going to be so famous and it was amazing to go on tour. I started a whole new life and I had everything I ever wanted. But you already know, fame has two sides. The bright and the dark one. I was always under pressure. I had to be perfect, without any mistakes. I was the hero, the lifesaver for so many young girls, but tbh i wasn't a hero. I was just a normal boy, but everyone seemed to forget that. I felt broken, tired, exploited and misunderstood. I just wanted my old life back, without paparazzi, rumors and all the other bullshit. I felt like a toy every kid wanted. I didn't enjoy living anymore and I didn't want this life but I had to act like everything was okay, like i was happy. I couldn't disappoint my fans and family, you know. I was broken but nobody noticed. I started to feel depressed and it was hard to wake up every morning. I felt week and I thought I couldn't do this anymore. I wasn't the hero everyone thought I was." he looks out of the window and whispers "I was suicidal. One day I got extreme much hate on twitter and that sent me over the edge. (Y/N) I wanted to kill myself so bad. But I stopped. Wanna know why ? I reminded myself at all the people who loved me, who supported me and who were always there for me. Nothing is worth giving you the feeling of being not good enough, okay ?" he's looking into your eyes again and you can't believe what you just heard. A tear rolls down your cheek. "(Y/N) there are people who love you. who support you no matter what. who help you when something's wrong. People who would do anything for you. People who couldn't live without you." he is coming closer to your face, stares into your eyes and whispers "and I am one of them." With this words he leans in and your lips touch for the very first time. You can feel his will, his power and his love. He breaks away from the kiss but your lips are just inches away from his. "(Y/N) I need you in my life. Please stay strong. Stay strong for me" hope filled his eyes. You crack a smile at him and say "I will try". he can't hold back

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