He Cheated..

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You just saw a photo online and tv about Justin and Selena at the beach at somebody wedding and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him and he smiled in the kiss.

You were so pissed and you threw his stuff out the top window and cried yourself to sleep.

For weeks,The whole crew had called and messaged you and you ignored it.You even heard on the news that Justin hasnt ate and passed out at one concert.


That was 2 months ago and you found out that you were pregnant with Justin's baby and you didnt tell him.

You went to the store and bought baby food and you saw iced sugar cookies and they were yours and Justin favorite,There was one box left in the bakery section so you grabbed it but hands lands on yours.You look up to see amber eyes and brunette hair and you knew exactly who it was with a girl with black hair.

"Hey Justin,Come on"The girl said.

"Oh sorry,You can have those...And good luck on your baby.......wait...."He said looking at you.

The girl pulled him away and he left but stared back at you.

"Y/n"He said.

You walked off and ringed up your stuff and left.

"Justin doesnt remember me."You said talking to yourself and then a car got around and hit you.You blacked out..


That was also a year ago and your healthy baby boy,Jaxon was born.

Justin never visit or called but the guys have.

Scooter,Alfredo and Pattie called.

You told them about Jaxon and they told Justin.

A knock was at the door.

"Mommy,I got it"Your 4 year son said.

He opened the door and Justin was there.

"Mommy,Is this your boyfriend?"He said as Justin picked him up.

You come around the corner and see Justin holding Jaxon.You almost cried and went upstairs.Justin told Jaxon to sit on the couch and he turned the tv on.

He came upstairs and saw you crying.

"Y/n,I miss you and seeing Jaxon....Made me realize what I did"He said cupping your chin.

You smashed your lips on his and he deepened the kiss.

"Dont ever do that"You said.

The kiss got heated and you too walked downstairs.

"Mommy,Your boyfriend on tv,your boyfriend on tv"He said jumping up and down and dancing.

"Thats actually your daddy"You said taking Justin's hand.

"Dwaddy,You can sing and dwance"He said smiling.

Justin started singing and dancing with Jaxon.

This was perfect...


Request Mofos(:

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