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A Day From The Past...

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You and Justin went to the movies.

You went to see Finding Dory in 3D and you bought popcorn,candy and he bought the soda.You two instagrammed a pic at the movies before the movie started and he kissed your cheek right before movie started making you smile.


You two had the best night and he decided to walk to Baskin Robbins and you two passed a alley with a big white dude and he saw you.He came closer and Justin took you away from him.He grabbed you and punched Justin in the face,he stumbled back but Justin got up and kicked the man where the sun don't shine and the man dropped you and Justin grabbed you and ran.

You two got in the car and drove off.You two panting from running and he drove off fast.While you two were driving home,a car came out to early and drove out and hit you and Justin.


You made it out with a cut on your eyebrow,and a scar on your thigh bit that was it but the glass hit on Justin and he got glass in his lungs.You were crying your eyes out when you heard that He might die.You went in his room to see tubes and needles and bags everywhere around him,You bent down to give him a kiss.

You cuddled with him until you heard him speak."I Love You Y/n"The last thing he said before you heard the long ding and saw the long line.You couldn't help but cry.You couldn't get home so they said you could sleep with Justin tonight and you were good with it.In the middle,you stare at his lifeless body,You kissed his lips til you felt a hand on your butt.You look to see Justin breathing and alive,"God said I could see you one last time"He said softly.

You kissed his lips and he deepens the kiss.

"Take care of my kid babe."He said rubbing your belly,He found out you were pregnant.

You kissed him and he kissed your nose and you again.

"Tell God I said hi"You said crying.

He nodded his head and his heart stopped finally.

*End of Flashback*

But that was years ago and your 18 year old son is now famous like Justin and you can't help but break down at night softly.He has his hair and eyes and smile and one left dimple.

"I will always love you Justin..."

But that was a day in the past....

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