For BiBi

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You are standing excitedly in the airport, waiting for your boyfriend Justin to arrive home from being on tour. You put your arms to your sides, but then pull them up and cross them. You pull your phone out of your pocket and check the time. You don’t want to wait any longer. It’s been so long since you’ve seen him.

10 minutes pass and you see Chaz, Zay, Justin, Fredo and Ryan walking out. Justin drops his bags and runs you. You run to him. He hugs you and picks you up. You wrap your legs around him. “Hey baby.” He says. “Hello.” You say. Justin leans in and kisses you. He puts you down and you hug him again. You look over at all the boys and Justin is looking at you. You smile at him. “Where’s my hug?” Chaz asks. “You’ll get it… eventually.” You say. Justin kisses you on the fore head. “Jealous?” he asks Chaz. “Maybe.” He says looking around. You laugh. You go over to Chaz and hug him. “There’s your hug.” You say. “Thank you.” He says hugging you back. You hug the rest of the boys. The rest of the boys go home and Justin goes back to your place.

“Lets go out for dinner.” Justin says while he is playing with your hair. Your head is on his thigh and you are looking up to him. You look into those beautiful amber eyes of his. “Ok,” You say, “but first I'm getting changed.” “Ok you do that.” Justin says. You go up stairs and go get changed into a nice black dress. You walk back down stairs and Justin stares at you. “What?” you ask. “You’re beautiful.” He says. You both leave and drive to the restaurant. You both enjoy and lovely dinner. You order dessert and wait for it. “(Y/N).” Justin says. “Yeah?” you say looking up from your empty plate. Justin gets up and walks over to you. You see him reach into his pocket and pull out a red velvet box. He gets on one knee and opens the box, revealing a diamond ring. You cover your mouth in awe. “(Y/N), will you do the honor of being my Mrs Bieber?” he says. “Yes… yes.” You say. He puts the ring on your finger and you get up and kiss him. You hear people clapping behind you. “I love you.” Justin says. “I love you too.” You say.

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