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He Got Sick..

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Justin has been on tour and he finally gets to come home and won't have tour for two months and while he came back sick.

"Babe?Do you need anything?"You said.

He shook his head and you kissed his forehead and right before you left,He grabbed your hand.

"I want you to kiss me and cuddle"

"Justin,I don't wanna be sick."You said.

He gave you those sexy ass puppy dog eyes and you craved in.

You smashed your lips on his and you laid beside him..

After a few weeks and he is better

*cough cough*

"Babe?"You said whining

"What?"He said.

"Kiss me and cuddle"You said smiling.

"I don't wanna get sick again"He said.

"Okay.."You said cuddling with a teddy bear,Flubbers that he bought you and playing sleep and he kissed your forehead and then you grabbed his face and kissed him and he groaned.

"If I'm sick again...Im kissing you"He said crawling in the bed with you and Flubbers and you threw slept peacefully.



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