Im Sorry

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"Justin?" you tap him shoulder lightly, trying to grasp just attention.
"Justin" you whined again, sitting next to him on the couch.
You just thought he was so focused on the game he couldn't hear you.
"Justin!" you shouted, causing him to stand up and look down at you.
"What! Can't you see I'm trying to watch the game! I just got off of the BELIEVE Tour two days ago and I just want to chill and watch my game. Now will you shut the fuck up with your fucking nagging and leave me the hell alone!" he shouted at you.
You felt tears brew through your eyelashes as you blinked, feeling the waterworks coming on. You looked up at him as his face turned from angry to concerned.
"Baby -" he started but you put your hand in his face.
"Do you know how hard it is to be with you? Your constantly on tours and interviews, I could go on." you sniffed, wiping a few stray tears.
"While all my friends are getting married and having children, you and I haven't even had sex in about a year and a half. I just wanted some attention from you. Every time your here, your ether hanging with the boys, at the bar, or partying. You never spend time with me. Do you even love me? Don't answer, you want space, I'll give you space." you ended sternly, walking off. He gripped your upper arm, trying to pull you to him but you ripped your shoulder from his grasp, whispering coldly.
"Don't touch me." The look in his eyes showed he was actually kind of scared.
You began to walk to your room with him following close behind.
"Look I'm sorry, alright, it's just I'm -"
"Save it!" you shouted.
"Now get the hell out of my room, you want space, I'll give you fu*king space, but now you wanna be all up in my face. I don't think so." you turned your back to him, expecting him to leave. You heard the door shut as you felt a presence behind you.
He gripped on to your shoulders, running his hands up and down your arms, giving you chills.

"Yes, I'm still and always will be in love with you." he slipped he fingers under you camisole straps, pulling them down, along with your bra straps. You didn't bother to push him away because one, angry sex is the best sex, and two you were very horny. He pulled the shirt over your smooth hips, dropping it down to the floor. He turned you around, rubbing his hands all over your stomach, and groves of your hips and waist. He traced his fingers, closely towards your breast, pinching your nipples with his thumb and index fingers. You didn't want to give just such satisfaction yet, so you held your moan as he swirled his long tongue around your right nipple. That time you didn't keep it in. You moaned, as he started sucking on it, kissing your collarbone, meeting your lips. He gripped your ass, wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushed you two onto the bed, dipping his tongue in between your lips. He started pull down your jean
shorts, he started to crawl down your body. He slipped your shorts off, pushing your legs apart. You weren't a fan of underwear, so it was much easier. He kissed up and down your thighs, rubbing your clit slowly.
You moaned as he started to remove his clothes, he kissed the top of your pussy, gliding his tongue between your folds. He spread your lips apart, flicking his tongue over your clit fastly. He sucked on your little Pearl, dipping one finger inside of you.
You gripped onto his brown locks, as he started fingering you faster.
"Yasssss" you shouted as he sucked harder, but not enough to make you cum.
He stopped for second to remove his boxer, revealing a huge cock.
He pulled your hips down to meet the tip of his cock.  He started to slide into you, looking down at you while biting his lip.
"While I make love to you. I promise to never ever disrespect you or ignore you ever again. I love you with all my heart. And we'll always be together. " he pushed all the way through.
From then on, everything you two made love it only got better and better. He kept his promise to you also. But with the baby on the way, he never seemed more perfect for a father.

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