He Wants A Baby..

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You and Justin were sweaty. You were breathing heavily. "Best. Sex. Ever." you said, giggling. You turned on your side, away from Justin. "you're not getting away from me that easy" he said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling your naked body into his chest. He kissed your hair and snuggled into you. You close your eyes and the humming of your new house helps you drift into a warm, dim dreamland. Your room is still dark when you hear Justin's phone ringing. He groans and rolls over. "Who the hell calls at 4 am, Fredo?" I bet Ashleigh went into labor "Shit. She did? Okay, Y/N and I will be there soon. Yeah, alright. Bye". He sits up and leans over you. "Y/N are you awake? wake up, wake up. I'm going to be an uncle!" To his surprise, you throw back the covers and run to your dresser completely naked. "Woah" he whispers, checking out your body as you grab underwear, a bra, a striped long sleeved tee, and jeans. He saunters over to you, grabbing your hips. He moans into your ear and then laughs. You turn around, now in your underwear and bra. "What?" you didn't realize your voice would be so hoarse. You blushed "what?" you repeated. he puts his hand on your stomach. "soon this will be plump with my seed" As he cracked up, Your eyes got wide. "what?" you pulled on your jeans and tee on. "I was kidding" then his face dropped. "kind of." "Y/N, can I ask you something?" You nod and stare at him. You never knew what was going through his mind. "Well, we just bought this house and we have THREE extra bedrooms and well, Fredo is having a baby and uh, iwasthinkingwhatifwestartedmaybetryin gtohaveababy?" You were awake now. "baby, I've wanted to be a mommy since I was five years old. The reason I loved this house was because there's room for our family to grow. But right now, Fredo's family is growing. We've got to go!"


You have no idea..When I was writing the name Ashleigh..I wanted to write mine...Sorry...If you dont know..I really LOVE Alfredo Antonio Flores,Duh,Your suppose to know your future baby daddy/husband right? :)

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