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You and Justin have been dating and he told you he loves you for the first time..



"Lets play a game"

"What you wanna play babe?"Justin said eating a sandwich.

"Ummm..Hide & Seek"You said biting into his sandwich and a bit of mayo got on your corner of your lip.

Justin licked his lips and licked the mayo off.

"Sure babe"He said smiling.

"Close your eyes and count to 20"You said running away.


You ran into the bedroom closet.

You were quiet as a mouse and he ran upstairs.

He looked around and made a funny noise

You trie your best to not laugh but you manage.

Then he did it again and ran into the closet.

"Dang it"You said as he got you.

He picked you up and put you on the bed.

He playfully kissed you and tickled you making you laugh and he laughed at you.

"You are so beautiful Haylee"He said in your ear.

You kissed him softly and he kissed you back.

"Haylee,I wanna be in your life forever.."He said holding you in his arms.

"Justin I-"

"Wait.I wanna be with you forever"He said smiling.

"Glad you want to cause I'm pregnant"

His eyes lit up and he hugged you.

"You mean a little us is in there"He said pointing in your belly.

You nodded your head.

He kissed your tummy and smiled.

"Finally"He said


Sorry if it sucked or not but request!!!

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