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You and your boyfriend Justin are walking along the sidewalk. Its a sunny day, and a perfect day for a picnic, you two walk hand in hand, enjoying the warmth of the summer day. When you guys arrive at the park he runs ahead of you, carrying the picnic basket in his hand. Justin almost trips several times, while trying to make his way to an empty spot on the grass. You smile to yourself and watch your dork of a boyfriend act like a 5 year old, but thats one of the reasons you love him so much.

He sets down the blanket and food then sits down on the soft blanket, patting the spot beside him to signal he wants you to sit. When you sit down he wraps his arm around the small of your back and kisses your cheek sweetly. A childish grin is plastered on his face as he kicks off his shoes and leans back on to the blanket, you do the same. The grass on your feet tickles as you wiggle your toes in it and lean onto Justin's chest. He chuckles at your actions and begins to tickle your side, causing you to burst into a fit of laughter and wriggle about uncontrollaby.

"Sttttop Jay, Im gonna pee!", you say laughing and out of breath.

He stops tickling you and just pulls you in closer to his body, leaving small kisses on your face.

"Please dont pee.", he whispers. You giggle at his comment and snuggle closer into his body. Justin and you stay like that for a while, the sun beaming down on you guys and the only sound you here is the beating of your boyfriends chest and kids laughter in the distance. It was a perfect summer day.



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