Jason McCann part three

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"Thats my girl" He said pecking my lips. "You want to walk around a bit? So your body doesn't go numb" He asked. I nodded and got out. We walked around for a bit until I heard something.

"Jason! I hear footsteps!" I whispered. He walked over to me and hugged me, -incase- I get hurt -again-.

"Put your hands up!" I heard someone say behind us. Stokes. We both turned around and for sure, Nick Stokes was standing there, with police officers. I started hyperventalating. Jason pushed me into his chest as I hugged him with my unhurt arm.

"What do you want Stokes" Jason asked.

"For you two in jail." Stokes said.


We just got out of questioning. Sentenced 3 years in jail. I'm really scared. Jason asked the guards if we could be in the same cell for the millionth time. They finally agreed. We got pushed into the cell as they uncuffed us. They slammed the door and stared at us.

"Better not do any funny business!" One of them said. I looked at them nasty, trying to be calm. I was about to scream at them when Jason put a hand over my mouth.

"We know" Jason said coldly making them leave. I sighed as he took his hand off of my mouth.

"I want to go back to our hideout" I said angry.

"Me too. I want it to be just us." He said. I nodded, agreeing. Only 3 years. Who am I kidding? We'll never get out of here!


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