Friends..With..Benefits..Pt 3

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Friends with benefits? - Part III

-Things were getting hotter between you and Ryan once again when suddenly, you hear a knock on the bathroom door and the door opens. Chaz: "Yo Ryan Hurry up-" You and Ryan stop as Chaz just stands at the door in shock. Chaz: "Whoa... whats going on....?...

You push Ryan off of you and you both look apart in shame. Ryan: "bro, I can explain, I was just-"Chaz: "Dude... I'm not the one you need to explain it to... I'm guessing Justin doesn't know about this... Yet." You: "Chaz... please don't... just don't say anything?" Chaz: "Give me a good reason why I shouldn't? The both of you." Ryan: "Come on man... it was just a kiss that got carried away." Chaz: "doubt its been 'just a kiss'.." You: "Chaz, what are you implying?" Chaz: "Actions speak louder than words, and from what I saw, there was a lot of action." You and Ryan are speechless. Chaz just shakes his head as Ryan walks out the bathroom excusing himself. Chaz just stands at the door staring at you. You place your hands on your head and whisper to yourself "what have I done.." "You tell me." Chaz says. You: "I don't know.. I don't know what to do!" You slide down against the door sitting on the floor bringing your knees to your chest hiding your face. Chaz sighs. He closes the door and walks towards you sitting by your side on the floor. Chaz: "Dig yourself out." You lift your head up. You: "what?" Chaz: "You and Ryan both got into this mess and you both have to dig yourselves out. "

You: "Chaz that's not very helpful..." Chaz: "You're right. But is this helpful..." You: "What....?" Chaz places his hand on your cheek, he licks his lips, closes his eyes and presses his lips against yours. The kiss lasts no more than ten seconds, before Chaz breaks from you. Somewhere in between the kiss you closed your eyes and when you felt the kiss was over you opened them a second later. Chaz stands up looking down at you. You: "Chaz... what was that for?" Chaz: "just a spur of the moment." You: "but-"Chaz: "think about it... If Justin, Ryan and I have stolen a kiss from you, which kiss would you fear losing and never feeling again?" You: "... Justin's." Chaz: "then let him know it. You love him don't you?... don't you?" You: "more than anything.." Chaz: "get off your ass and tell him. Apologize to him." Chaz opens the door and just as he's about to walk out you say... "Chaz, wait!" Chaz: "What?" You: "...Thanks." Chaz: "Sure thing. Just don't Justin's dick. You'll miss it too much." You can't help but laugh as he leaves and winks at you. You sit there in the bathroom thinking to yourself for a while. Meanwhile down stairs, Ryan sits outside by the pool thinking of everything. Chaz walks up to him. Chaz: "Man, what happened?" Ryan: "Everything. Too much of everything." Chaz: "damn bro... you gotta tell him." Ryan: "how though? How can I tell him I've been screwing his girl under his own roof?" Chaz: "wait... you actually hit that?" Ryan: "yeah, man... I regret it in a way but in another I don't." Chaz: "Whoa... you falling for her?" Ryan: "Nah man, I couldn't. I'm just saying I don't regret the sex cause it was good and all but I regret it cause she's Justin's girl. I don't man.." Chaz: "Ha. You gotta get yourself out. And damn. I can't believe you cheated on me." Ryan laughs and says "You were boring me." Chaz gasps exaggeratedly and says "that's not what you were saying every night." Ryan and Chaz laugh it off when suddenly, Justin starts walking they're way. Justin: "Ayo, what now?" Ryan: "what you mean?" Chaz: "Me and Ryan had sex."

Ryan pushes you laughing while Justin bursts into laughter and says "without me?! I'm hurt." Chaz: "Man you got your own pussy." Ryan pretends like nothing's wrong. Justin: "Ha, word." "That's all she's to you though?" Ryan bravely says. Justin: "Nah, man I'm just kidding she's much more than that." Ryan: "oh..." Chaz: "So uh... yeah man where is she?" Justin: "She's up stairs... waiting for me. So if you guys don't mind I'ma head upstairs while you guys sword fight." Justin goofs as he heads inside and upstairs. You're outside on the balcony watching the ocean from a distance. Suddenly, you feel someone come from behind you and cover your eyes. You: "Justin?" You feel the person start to kiss on your neck. You lean your head back as it turns you on. You: "Justin... babe. Say something." You practically moan it. Still no answer. You sort of start to panic, thinking its Ryan.You: "baby, let me hear your voice..." You feel the hands slowly move from covering your eyes down to your breast, and their arms wrap around your waist. You look down and notice Justin's bracelet. You let out a sigh of relief. You turn around and face Justin. He smiles at you and leans in for a kiss.

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