Hard Work & Sweat

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Your friend weakness you and Justin to help on a family project where you helped build a house.

You were wearing overall shorts with a white shirt with work boots with your hair in a messy bun.

Justin wore a white shirt and real...REAL blue jeans..WTF RIGHT?!! Bieber in jeans....

Anyways,You started to grab a paint bucket and a brush when something or someone hot caught your eye.

You stare and when he turns around, it's Justin shirtless and sweaty.

You stare as the sweater dripped on his chest, over his nipples and abs and his huge muscles.

You walk off and go in the girls room to paint.

You open the can to see the color..

Purple..... So obvious...

You grab your brush and dip it in the paint and start painting.

Then Justin comes in still sweaty and shirtless with saw dust on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your lips.

"Babe,Don't mess me up"You said.

"You know you want this" He said biting his lip.

You dip your finger in the paint and put it on his cheek.

He did the same but on your nose.

"Your beautiful in purple"He said smiling.

"What about that purple?" You said pointing to the bed with the purple sheets.

He smirked and kissed your lips....


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