He Barely Sees You..

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"So I was thinking you can come over tonight? My dad has to go to work early in the morning so he'll go to bed early so you can spend the night?" Justin sighed on the other line

"I would love to babe but I cant.." this is like the 4th time Justin blew me off this week. "Why?"

I asked I was mad but I didn't want to show it just quite yet.

"I'm going out with the boys.." he's been going out with them all week. I've only hung out with him once this week and only for a couple hours. I missed him.

"Justin,you've been going out all week.. We haven't even spent any time together lately.." he sighed again not saying anything

"Fine do you want me to go over?" he asked he sounded pissed. I didn't want to force him. He didn't even sounded like he wanted to come. And that was fine.

"No its ok" I said in a low voice

"No I'll come if you want me to come.." his voice started to ease.

"No its ok go have fun" and I hung up. Even if he were to come he wouldn't be coming because he wanted to come he would only come because I 'forced' him to. I sighed and laid back on my bed. And eventually fell asleep. When I woke up I had a text from Justin. It was like at 3 in the morning when I got it.

"Hey babe want to hang out today sorry about last night.. I should've came" I smiled and replied back

"Its okeey Justin(: what are we going to do?" he didn't reply back right after as he normally does.

Which I understood because if he sent the text at like 3 then he didn't go to bed till late and plus he probably was drinking. I wasn't expecting a text back right away but I was at least expecting a text. When the whole day went bye without a single word from Justin. He could've at last called me and blew me off again instead of having me stand around all day. I laid down in bed and felt a silent tears go down the side of my face and into my hair. What was going on? Justin is never like this.,. I didn't want to call him or text him at all the following day, I wanted to see if he'd text me. And he didn't.

Its been 2 straight days since I've talked to Justin, this is the longest amount of time we haven't talked since we've been together. We usually talk everyday from morning to night. It was about 9 o'clock at night when my phone ringtone that was specialized to Justin when he called. For some reason I got nervous when he called right now.

Kind of like right before you send a text to the person you like debating whether you should send it or not cause you don't know if they'll reply or not. "Hello?" I answered like any other call when I normally answer with 'hey babe' or 'yeesss?' he replied back sounding happy like how he always sounds on a phone with me. He sounded as if we haven't just spoken in 2 days

"Hey baby want to hang out tonight?" "Well I don't know.. Are you going to blow me off again?" Justin didn't say anything for a while.

"Look I'm sorry about that...".

"Yeah well it would have been nice to at least call and say never mind or something instead of having me wait around all day for you."

"I know I'm sorry so do you want to hang out or not?" he sounded like he was forcing himself.

"Well I don't care if you want to, I don't want you to force yourself to hang out with me if you don't want to.".

"I want to.." was all he said

"Are you going to come over?" I asked.

"Yeah I'll be there in ten ok?".

"Ok" then I hung up. Me dad was working over time so he wasn't home. I was laying down on the couch in the front room when the I heard a slight knock on the door. I haven't seen Justin in like 5 days. I opened the door and there he was. There was my boyfriend. I never got tired of saying that. Looking at him and knowing that he was my boyfriend. I mean he's just so perfect looking. He smiled at me and I smiled too. He pulled me into his arms. I missed him a lot. He slightly pulled me away and pecked me on my lips. He grabbed both of my hands into his intertwining his fingers in mine looking down at me with a smile. "I missed you" the fact that he said that just pissed me off

"Well maybe if you actually hung out with me this week or maybe talked to me the past 2 days you wouldn't.." I said letting go of his hands and walking into m house he sighed and slammed the door which meant he was getting heated.

"Look I've been busy".

"With what? All you've been doing was going out all week.?"

"Well I kind of have to spend some times with my friends"

"And I understand that, yeah maybe 2-3 times a week but not the whole fucking week Justin. And then you blew me off a couple days ago and didn't even call me the next day apologizing for blowing me off."

"I told you I was sorry! Fuck! What the fuck do you want from me ?!" He yelled getting in my face. I hated fighting with him.

"God all you do is bitch bitch bitch! I'm tired of this shit!" he yelled his face inches away from mine. I felt my face growing with heat. And warm tears falling onto my cheeks. And then I felt my hand burning. I just slapped Justin. I've never slapped Justin before. He grabbed his cheek and didn't look at me. I just ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. Justin had a short temper and god knows what he would do to me. I slid against my door on my back until my butt hit the ground and I started bawling. Justin has never called me a bitch. He said he was tired of this shit. Was he tired of me was he going to break up with me? To be honest I didn't really care at this point. It was quiet and I was starting to think he left I finally stood up and pressed me ear against the door trying to listen. Then I heard pounding on the door and I backed away quickly. "Babe open the god damn door!" he yelled and I started crying again.

"Babe!" he started jiggling the door knob. Then he stopped. Shit the spare key. Then I heard the door knob being messed with again and Justin barged in He hard a bright red hand mark on his cheek. He walked over to me and got into my face again and I backed away as far as I could

"Please don't hit me.." I whispered.. And he finally exhaled and backed away a bit..

"You think I'm going to hit you?" he said in a low voice. I didn't even look at him I just looked down at the floor trying to keep my breath because of my tears.

"I will never hit you" he said his hand touched my face and I flinched and I moved away

"Baby.." he said looking at me I still didn't look at him. He walked and sat on my bed. I stayed in the corner I was in probably for another 10 minutes neither one of us saying a word. Finally when I was able to catch my breath and stopped crying I walked over and sat next to him. He reached over and geld my hand but I didn't hold his so he held tighter.

"You know I will never hit you.. You should know that. Especially because of what happed to my mom.." I didn't say anything I just sniffed my runny nose.

"I'm sorry about everything. About this whole entire week, about earlier, about me losing my temper. I'm sorry about everything"

"You said you were tired of my shit" I said looking down he sighed

"We're in a relationship, we're supposed to fight, we're supposed to get tired of each other, we're supposed to get annoyed of each other, but we love each other, and that alone is enough to cover up anything." I nodded understanding.

"I'm sorry" he said again. Silent tears fell from my cheeks again and I curled up into his arms and he held me rubbing my back. I looked up and kissed him

"Do you want to spend the night?" I asked he chuckled

"I'd love to" he took his thumb and wiped away the tears from my cheeks. I smiled and pecked his lips again. I got changed into my pajamas and he striped into just his boxers and we laid under my covers cuddling with my head on his bear chest watching movies until we fell asleep.

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