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How He Wakes You

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He wakes you up with a gentle kiss, telling you everything that he loves about you. Eventually leaving you to continue you sleeping, going into the kitchen making you your favorite, so when you finally wake up from your sleep you wake up to a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. But sometimes, when you wake up Justin isn't there, but on the nightstand there is a little note that he leaves you with and hear is what he writes: Baby I love you my princess. Sorry I couldn't wake up to see your beautiful face but I'll be back soon and I'll be able to see you. I love you with every inch in me. Don't let the hate get to you, sweetie. They don't get to have their opinion on us. You're one of a kind! I love you ♥ Justin


He'll be laying next to you, you're pressed up against him, his arms around your waist holding you close to him. Chaz plants kisses along your neck, his breath tickling your neck causing you to giggle. You wake up, turning over to face him, pecking his nose, smiling at him. You would spend the rest of the morning cuddling in bed.


As you're laying next to him in bed, your arm across his chest, still sleeping. But Ryan is wide awake, keeping quiet so he doesn't wake you, listening to you occasionally mumbling out things about him, he would play with your hair, play the guitar softly, everything you always like, watching you smile as he does those very things that make you happy.


While you're still in bed, Fredo is in the kitchen making you breakfast, putting everything onto a little tray, making everything perfect. Even putting your favorite flowers in a small glass for decoration. Then just bringing it to you, seeing you sitting up in bed. He sets in down in front of you, spending time with you in bed cuddling and sharing kisses.


Jaden knows how you get a little lonely when he leaves bed. So he's staying in bed with you. Snuggling up to you, arms wrapped protectively around you. He kisses you awake, you open your eyes and his eyes are staring down at you. "Hey sleeping beauty!" He would say to you, kissing you. You giggle at his words and kiss him back. Cuddling in bed for the rest of the day, not wanting to get up. Just staying with him is enough.

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