For Carmen

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A sexy imagine for you...

Justin and you snuggle up on his fancy couch at his house. He's going to be leaving early the next morning, for a few weeks-preparing for his Believe tour. Your eyes are locked on the screen, some kind of romance movie playing, but your mind not really on it.

"This is my last night here, this really what you want to be doing?" Justin suddenly says, looking away from the movie to you. You turn to him and shrug. "I don't know.." you reply in a low voice. But, you do know. You know exactly what you want to being doing right now. And by the way Justin's looking at you, he wants to, too. He looks at you hungrily. Wrapping his arms tighter around you. He bites his bottom lip and looks at you innocently. "Let's the movie." you mutter. Knowing it'd drive him crazy. You try to focus on the movie but, you can't. You can feel Justin's still on you, his occasionally lip lick, and then he leans into your left ear ans whispers. "Please?" he moans. His hot breath against your ear sends a chill down your back and you try to ignore it. But, he starts kissing your ear softly, then sucking on the earlobe. "Yes.." you whisper back softly. You turn your head to him and your lips lock.

"Mmm...that's more like it." Justin says as he pulls away from the kiss, suddenly pulls you up, and starts walking. "Wha-I thought-" you start but then your turn the corner and see Justin's leading you to the bathroom. "You see, I've always wanted to share this special occasion with someone....special.." Justin starts as he pulls you into the bathroom door. "And...I think that someone, is you." he finishes as he lets go of your hand and starts the shower. He closes the door and shower steam starts to fill up  the room. "Do you want to share this occasion with me, too?" Justin asks in an innocent voice. He puts his hands up your shirt and moves you from side to side. Pushing you against the bathroom counter.   You feel yourself getting a little wet just from his touch. "Yes.." you reply, staring into his beautiful eyes. "This is my night. Okay? It's my night." Justin says in a sexual voice. You nod. He slowly pulls your shirt off and then unhooks your bra. "Oh.." you hear him say with pleasure, a sly smile spreading across his face.

"Take off your bottoms." he demands eagerly. You slowly unbutton your jeans and pull them down. Justin's attention is all on you, not paying any attention to the steam around him. "Do you like what you see?" you ask. Justin looks at you. "Did I give you permission to talk?" he replies in a demanding voice. "No, no I didn't." he finishes. He moves back over to you and runs his fingers over your pink laces panties. He moves his fingers down into the slightly, finding your clit, and rubbing it slightly. "Ohh.." you let out a light moan. "Shh, shh." Justin reminds you, holding his finger up to your lips and sticking it in your mouth. "Get to your knees." he demands. His fingers release from your panties and go to his side. You do as your told, keeping quiet, and getting to your knees. Now face-to-face with you, you see his bulge trying to escape his pants.

"Do you want me?" he taunts you. You nod, giving that you can't speak and then Justin smiles. "Take my pants off." he demands and watches you carefully and you yank his belt out and pull his pants off. His bulge is practically BEGGING to escape and you get a little more wet. "Oh..yes." a soft word of happiness escapes your lips. You reach up to pull his underwear down, but his soft hand comes down and stops you. "TELL ME YOU WANT TO SUCK MY COCK." he says, looking into your eyes. Horny, horny eyes he had.  You don't open your mouth to say anything, you're not suppose to. remember? "You can speak now." Justin gives you permission.

"I want your cock, Justin. Please...Please give it to me. I-I want it all. I want it so bad. So, so bad." you can feel your body losing control. You NEEDED his cock so bad. "I'm not convinced." Justin replied, smiling slyly at me. "How can I convince you?" you ask. "Beg for it." Justin says, happy to see you so eager. So eager to have him in you. "I WANT IT! JUSTIN! I WANT YOUR COCK SO FUCKING BAD! PLEASE! GIVE IT TO ME! Please! please..." you beg. You're so wet. Your knees are shaking. Justin gives in, and slowly pulls his underwear down, and his dick smacks you across the face as it comes out. You grab it and suck on the tip-softly and then look up to Justin's face. His mouth is slightly open. You pull away and look up at him innocently

"what do I do now?" you ask. You know this is driving him crazy. It's suppose to be HIS night. He looks down at you with pleading eyes. You smile and stick it back in your mouth, trying to get it all at one time-but it's just so big. You start going in-and-out, in-and-out. Justin's mouth is gaped open, full of pleasure. You hear his soft moans that he's trying to cover up. "Ohhh..." he moans softly. You start going faster and you feel Justin's hands in your hair-moving you alone. His dick hitting the back of your throat. "y/n baby, oh. yes. yes. OH! I'm gonna-" you taste his sperm fill up your mouth. You try to get it all at one time-but there's just so much! Justin keeps his package in your mouth, until you've cleaned him all up.

You suck on the tip, licking the rest of it off and Justin finally pulls away from you. Sweat drips down his chin and he pulls you to your feet by your hair softly. "Now, it's MY turn to please you." he whispers as he carries you to the shower. He slams you against the tile wall, the water pounding hard on both of you, but you ignored it. Justin's fingers yank your panties off and he throws them somewhere. "Justin..." you moan softly, as your body rubs against his. His dick touching your clit and then moving away. He kisses your neck softly, and then gets down to your nibbles. He sucks on one and then the other, then brings his lips back to yours. "I want you to enjoy this, baby. Promise'll enjoy this." Justin whispers into your ear and unexpectedly, sticks his finger up your hole.

"Oh!" you cry out in surprise but then he starts to finger you fast and hard. "Oh, Justin!" you moan-but Justin covers your mouth with his hand. His eyes staring into to yours, seeing every expression you make as he fingers you. You're getting so wet. "Ohhhhhh" you try to moan but it doesn't escape through because of Justin's hand. He rubs your clit harder, and just as you're about to climax-he stops. He starts touching all over his dick, masturbating before your eyes, and you're ready to lose it. "Just-please!" you finally scream. He looks at you and smiles.

"Always so eager." he mumbles and then before you can even prepare-he sticks his dick inside of you. "OH! Justin! You're so big!" you cry in surprise. He grew so fast! Justin thrust ed inside of you slowly. "No! Faster! Justin! FASTER!" you scream. He does as you command and pounds inside of you. "y/n oh..." he moans, basically screaming. "I'm-I'm gonna-I'm gonna!" Justin starts but just as he is about to, the bathroom door flies open, cold air filling up, causing goose-bumps to rise all over Justin and your body. You both look at each other, not sure what to do. Because you were both about to lose it. "Justin?" Pattie calls into the shower.

Oh. no. Justin pulls himself outta you and kisses your lips softly. "yeah, Mom?" he replies. Trying to hide his embarrassment and surprise. His boner was now no where to be seen. "I thought I heard screaming!" Pattie cried from behind the shower curtain. Justin's body had goose-bumps and now your nibbles were hard from the coldness. "sexy..." he mumbled as he looked at them. "No, no screaming.." Justin assured her. I saw her shadow come closer to the curtain. Before I could react, I saw her hand wrap on the corner of the curtain and she began to pull it open.

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