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You see Justin in a hotel lobby and you catch his eye. He looks at you and calls to over to him. He takes off his JustBeats headphones and asks what your name is and he asks if you wanna go upstairs and hang out. Of course you say yes, so he takes your hand and the both of you sneak away from Kenny and go towards the elevator. The door opens and he pulls you in and pushes you up against the wall, takes off his leather jacket and makes out with you. He runs his hands over your jeans and you throw your head back in excitement and he kisses your lips down to your neck. The elevator dings and opens up to the penthouse suite.

No ones home. Justin wraps your legs around him and carries you to the bed. Justin throws you down and takes off his shirt. You sit up, pull him down and kiss him hard while your hands all over each other. You're aching for Justin's big cock inside of you because you feel it's hardness on your leg through both of your jeans. Justin can't wait either. He undoes your jeans zipper with his teeth and you feel his hot breath in your crotch. You want him. You stroke his dick from outside of his jeans while he takes them off. And he crawls on top of you and takes off your shirt . He gropes your boobs and sucks on your nipples and his hands make their way down your stomach and into your panties. You're already so wet and he slips his two fingers inside of you and finger-fucks you.

You moan, but he tells you to hold it in. It's impossible. You stop him and get on your knees and suck him hard. You wrap your lips around the top of his dick and move slowly up and down and Justin's breathing gets slow and heavy. You swirl your tongue on the tip of his cock and lick his shaft up and down while he grabs onto your hair. He stops you before you get too far and carries you over to the couch and says, "The bed isn't that fun." ;) Justin bends you over the edge of the couch, grabs onto your hips, and pounds you from behind. He pumps his dick in and out of you first with long, gentle strokes. "ugh yessss justinnn, haarrddeerrr!" Then he fucks you with faster, harder strokes but you don't wanna let go just yet so you stand up and push him onto the couch.

He's sitting there biting his lip with his arms stretched across the seat cushions and you mount him and sit on his cock. You ride him up and down and he throws his head back in pleasure and you start to moan again but he says "Shh, not yet!" He lays you on the couch, spreads your legs and puts his dick inside of you again. He uses the arms of the couch as leverage to push himself deep into you & you grab onto the other arm of the couch above your head. He's pounding you so hard, the couch starts to creak. You're both breathing so hard. You can't help but moan cus your gonna orgasm. He says,

"C'mon baby, let it out." And you're tearing at the couch arm saying, "UUUGHHH YESSSS! FUCK ME JUSTINNN!" He thrusts his dick into you as hard as he can and you both cum. He pulls out and you're both dripping.You go down and lick his cock clean and he just laughs and says, "Damn girl." You both put your clothes back on and he says, "Oh wait, I think you dropped this out of your purse." And slips a paper into there. Justin walks you to the elevator and kisses you goodnight. You look in your purse and its a note that says, "I can make you one less lonely girl. You're beautiful. Call me when you're home." You just got Justin Bieber's number and a chance to be his one less lonely girl, for real.

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