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It's your birthday. You wake by your phone. You answers and your boyfriend, Justin sings happy birthday."Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend" He says when he quit singing.You have a big smile on your lips."I love you" He says."I love you more Jutin" You says."I can't wait to see you" He and the crew are away on tour, and won't be home until some days.

Before you hang up, he tells you to look outside your door. You stands up and goes out from your room. You opens the door and sees a bunch of roses."Happy birthday, i love you. Be ready at 6pm♥" It stands on a little note. You had no idea what it was about.

As it stood on the note, you're ready at 6pm. It knocks on the door and you opens and sees Justin's beautiful smile.You looked shocked at him. You gave him a long hug before he gave you a long passionately kiss.

"What are you doing here?" You ask as he leads you down the street."I couldn't miss your birthday, babe" He said with a smile.You came to a restaurant, next to the sea. You had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect."I've something for you" He said with a smile."You don't need to-" Justin just shaked his head.He gave you letter and told you to open it.You opened it and inside it was tickets to Paris."You and me are going to Paris when we have finished the tour" He said and you got an even bigger smile on your lips.

"I love you Justin" You says and puts your hand around his neck."I love you more" He says back before he leans in and you meets in a perfect kiss.


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