Hot Musty Sex

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Justin kissing you eagerly, sweeping his tongue along your bottom lip. You part your lips, and he thrusts his tongue inside, licking every corner and crevice of your sweet, moist cavern in your mouth. He moves his hand up your side, then to the curving of your breast.

Justin moves his hand over your breast, placing pressure over it, causing you to moan in your throat. He sucks on your tongue and then your bottom lip before he pulls away. He lifts his head up and watches your face as he gropes you. Your mouth parts and you gasp loud. He pulls the straps of your shirt down, and watches your breasts begin to swell, and your nipples harden instantly once the cool air of the room hits them. He leans down, and tugs your nipple between his teeth, while he pinches and pulls on the other.

He looks up as he swirls his tongue around the harden piece of flesh. You whimper and you moan, arching your chest up against his face. He pulls back and lifts your shirt up above your head, and tossed it to the floor. You reach up and practically rip his shirt off. You lay down on the bed and he reaches down and unbuttons your skirt from the side, and pulls it off, leaving you in your panties, but that won't do, so he grabs the thin underwear from the hem and rips them off.

"Mmm." You moan. Justin smirks and brings you up so you are sitting on your knees. He plants his lips over yours and reaches down in between your bodies. He places his hand in between your legs, and smirks against your lips.

"It's funny how I can just be sucking your skin, playing with your nipples, and you'd be drenched, makes it easy for my fingers to slide right in." He slowly shoves three fingers inside you and you moan loudly.

"So tight." He whispers huskily, slowly moving his fingers in and out of your pussy. You clench his shoulders and tilt your head back; your mouth falls open as you moan loud and long. He pulls them out and lazily rub your clit a few times, before he brings his hand up. You watch through half lidded eyes as he licks his fingers clean.

"God, you always taste so sweet, baby." He purrs. You blush and he grabs you by the backs of your thighs, yanking them up, causing you to fall on your back. Your hair is splayed underneath you and your legs are now separated. He pushes your legs up to your chest and says, "Hold your legs back." You swallow hard and grab your legs from behind your knees, keeping them open. He lays down on his stomach and nips on your inner thigh, licking your skin, and then moves to the other side. His eyes glance up to your face, and he watches as you tug on your bottom lip with your teeth.

Justin, please... stop teasing me." You whimper.

"But I love teasing you..."He fakes a pout. You huff in frustration and thrust your hips up. He smirks and places his head directly in between your legs. He reaches around your thigh, and separates your folds, so he can get a better view of your clit, which is red and swollen. He smirks as he brings his middle and index finger up to his lips and licks them before he pushes them inside your wet pussy. You moan at the contact and you hands fall from your legs, and you grab the bed sheets.

He leans forward and licks your clit a few times, before flicking his tongue over it fast, while he plunges his fingers in and out of you.

"J-Justin! Oh...fuuuuh!" You moan.

He groans, feeling his pants tighten. He sucks on your clit and pulls his fingers out, then kisses up your body. "Want to get into the shower?" Your eyes slowly opens, revealing darkened orbs. You smirk softly and nod. He moves off the bed and grabs you, wrapping your legs around his waist; He carries you to the bathroom, with his lips on your neck and jawline. He places you down and the smirk on your lips makes him shudder. You move down to your knees, and he watches you unbutton his jeans.

Slowly, you pull the zipper down with your teeth, and he almost moans. You pull his pants down and your tiny hand instantly wraps around the base of his cock. You giggle mischievously, and your tongue slowly starts to move around the tip of his cock, then you run your lips down the sides, and then underneath, tracing the pulsing vein there.

He groans and places his hand on the counter, clenching the side of it. Your mouth is wrapped around his dick and you move your head down, then back up, slowly. Your mouth is so warm, and wet. You stab your tongue into the slit, and pump your fist. He moans and reaches up, grabbing your hair, and clenching it tight.

"Fuck, babe..." He moans when you begin to suck hard, your cheeks become hallow and you fuck your throat slowly. He groans and pulls his dick out of your mouth, and you glance up at him, a small chain of saliva spills down the corner of your lip. He brings you up, and whispers, "As much as I know you want to finish sucking me off, I'd rather not cum yet." You blush and nod. He moves around you and turns the shower on, and you step in quickly, not bother to wait for the water to warm up.

"Ohh... it's sooo cold." You moan. You pull him inside, pants and shoes still on. He groans when the cold water hits his back.

"I have to admit, Justin, you look sexy when you're soaked, especially in clothes." You say.

He smirks in return, but removes his shoes, socks and pants, not wanting to feel uncomfortable in the shower. He turns you around, placing you hands against the tiles; the water hits his back, which is warm now. He gets down on his knees and spreads your legs a little. He leans up and passes his tongue along your folds. You whimper and he pushes your hips back. He smirks and gets up, grabbing your hips and presses himself against you.

"We should try something different." He whispers in your ear before nibbling on your ear.

You shudder and ask softly, "What do you want to try?"

He grabs his cock and presses the tip of it against your ass, and you gasp. "Would you let me?" He slowly pushes his dick in, and you groan and your head falls back on his shoulder. He kisses your neck and grasps your hips as he gently thrusts his cock deeper inside you.

"J-Justin, it hurts..." You whimper.

"I know, I'll be gentle." He responds. He moves away, and holds your hips. The water helps as some sort of lubricant, seeing as you are much tighter this way. He braces himself for a pained scream, and thrusts his dick deeper inside, pushing it all the way inside. Your muscles clench around his dick as you cry from the awkward feeling and he tries to refrain himself from cumming just yet. He thrusts his hips back and forth, loving the sounds that escape your lips.

"Faster." He hears you whisper.

He complies and thrusts his dick in and out of you fast and hard. He thinks about something that would give you more pleasure, and reaches down and rubs your clit before he plunges his middle and ring finger inside your pussy.

"Justin! Oh my god!" You cry out. He groans in response, the thrust of his hips increases to a harder pace; each time his dick is inside you, his fingers pull out, alternating.

You moan loud, practically screaming. He smirks, knowing he found your spot. He pulls his fingers out of your pussy and brings them up to your lips. You suck hard on Justin's fingers while he continues to thrust his hips back and forth. He turns you around, and hoists your legs up. You place your hands on his shoulders and tilt your head to the side as he fucks you harder.

You cry out, "Justin, f-faster please!"

He thrusts his hips even faster and you reach down with one hand and rub your clit fast. You are so close, he knows it. He clenches his jaw and moans loud, as he cums inside you. You whimper as he pulls out of you, only to get on his knees, and moves your hand away from your pussy. He leans up and sucks hard on your clit while he inserts three of his fingers inside you, trying to get you to cum.

"Justin! O-oh my god! I think I-I'm about to-

"Cum for me, baby. I want to hear you orgasm, I want to taste you." He purrs huskily as he pulls his mouth away, only to rub your clit fast.

"JUSTIN! Ahh, ohh, ohh!"

He pulls his fingers out and watches your juices flow down your thighs, mixing with the water. He runs his tongue along your inner thighs, and licks up your sweet fluids

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