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Naming Your Baby ♡♥★☆

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You and Justin were dating but two wanted a baby but you two needed a name.

"Babbbbbbeeeeee?"He said

"What?!?"You said.

"What would we name the baby?"He asked you.

"I dont know..Wanna name her?"You said sitting in the couch beside Justin.

"What about Samantha?"He suggested.You wrote the name down on the ipad.

"Or Taylor"You said.and typing it in the notes.

"Or Selena"He mumbled.

You looked at him and gave him a look.

"If that bitch name comes out if your mouth again,You wont have a part to make a baby,got it?"You said.

He swallowed and said yes.

You two kept saying names and finally picked a name.

Taylor Marie Pattie Bieber



p.s:XenaLewis is my bess frienn


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