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"Babe, you ready for dinner?" your boyfriend,Justin yelled from the kitchen, with Niall. "Yeah!" you yelled back as you turned off your phone, and was served my Niall. He smiled as he put the steaming plate of pasta in your face. You put your utensil in the food, swirling it around out of boredom. "Hey, that took minutes for us to make! Better eat it." Justin laughed as he sat besides you, and kissing your cheek. You laughed as you put a spoonful in your mouth, gobbling it up. "Delicious," you said, with a mouth full of food. "Thanks!" they both shouted as you got up to put your empty plate in the sink. You sat back at the dinner table, waiting for them to finish. "So, half of us finished eating. So what do you wanna do after?" you asked while smiling up at them, "Truth or Dare?" Niall suggested while he put his napkin in his food-free plate. You laughed and agreed. You got up once again to put their plates in the sink, and join them in the living room. Justin stared you in the eyes from his sitting position across from you. "[Y/N], truth or dare?" he asked with a mischievous grin, though it wiped away when you replied with a truth. "Ugh, fine. Would you fuck me and Niall?" he laughed as he looked at Niall. You ran your fingers through your hair and sighed. "Yes." Since said, Niall put his hands on your cheeks, and pulled your head turning you in for a french-kiss. You moaned as you tried smacking him away. "Babe, it's fine." Justin whispered as you relaxed and enjoyed kissing Niall. You could hear him moaning and grunting, so you turned your eyes and saw him palming himself. This made your panties flood ;]. Niall broke the kiss, by straddling you. He lifted your shirt off your head, leaving you in your bra. Justin released his hand from his erection, and unbuttoned your shorts, dragging them down. Niall, sucked on your neck, leaving dark bruises, as he unclasped your bra. He bucked his hips on your lower waist, making his bulge run against your underwear, causing great friction. "Niall you can go first," Justin said while seating himself on the couch. Niall nodded his head in agreement and slowly pulled your underwear down. He slowly licked down your stomach leading to your wet pussy. He swirled his tongue around your clit, as he jammed 3 fingers in you. You arched your back, as you felt his fingers curl and touch your g-spot numerous times. "Your pussy is so tight around my fingers," he moaned as he bit his lower lip. "I can imagine," Justin laughed from the couch. You could feel yourself coming close to your orgasm. "Cum on my fingers," Niall motivated as you did so. He licked his fingers off, as he took Justin's place on the couch, as Justin came over you. "You ready?" he breathed while he positioned himself at your entrance. You bit your lower lip and nodded. He then slammed into you, instantly making you moan. He whispered dirty things as motivation for your next orgasm. Justin grunted as your walls clenched around him. He held himself up, by putting his hands on your knees. "Do that again," he moaned, as you yet again, clenched around him. "I'm gonna cum!" you moaned, while you lifted your head up and dropped it back down. Justin's sweaty hair, dripped on you turning you on even more. "Fuck, I'm close." he said while Niall, in the corner palmed himself. You then found yourself releasing on Justin, as he came in you. Justin laid behind you, as Niall did in front of you. "You're so fucking lucky,Justin." Niall breathed heavily as he pecked your lips a last time. "I know,"

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