Dirty Dancing

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You and Justin were dancing in the living room.

You and Justin were dancing crazy in the living room and you totally forgot Scooter,Pattie and Jaden Smith were there.

You and Justin were grinding on each other.

Your hips all over his "Jerry" and he slightly moaning and holding your hips so you can stay right there.

Then Jaden comes in and walks by,Then Scooter comes and Pattie and y'all stop.

"Justin,explain this."Pattie said pointing down to his 'tent' in his pants.

He groaned and ran to the bathroom.

You giggled and start laughing with Pattie and Jaden comes in and looks confused.

"Where's Justin?"He asked.

"He had a tent and had to go to the bathroom."You said still laughing and then Justin came back down normally.

"Aye, Jay lets go to the song booth now"He said to Jaden.

He then kissed you,mini makeout session and left in the studio.

"He is so normal."Scooter said laughing and walking off.

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