How He...

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Wakes you up:He jumps on the bed and singing Your Body Is A Wonderland off key and he plops down on you and kisses you.

Makes you laugh:He calls Alfredo and they dance and tickle you and make silly faces

Cuddles with you:He wraps his arms around you and sings and kisses you

Knows your monthly:He buys chocolate and icecream and a big teddy bear and women stuff ♡

How He Kisses You:

He puts a hand in your back and another on your butt and pulls you in,brushes his lips on your jawline and he leans grips your butt making you gasp and he kisses you.

When You:

Sit in his lap

laugh at his corny jokes

You gasp when he grabs your butt

Cook for him

You say sexual things in public


Random but request ♡

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