Kiss & Tell♥

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You and Justin were friends for long time.


"Hey Y/n,Come to the movies with me and Christian"He said smiling

You agreed and you had the time of your life.

Middle School•

"WASSUP Y/n,I was wodering if you wanted to go to the skating rink at 8 tonight?"He said smiling that same grin.

You agreed again and you fell on your butt that night but Justin made it worst if you know I mean.......

He became famous then..

He visit home and you Two caught up and chilled til he left.

The last day before he left,he took you to Lé Beaù Peirćà

It was beautiful and then he took you to the park and it was magical.

He grabbed your hands and sparks flew but you rubbed them off.

Then he leans in and kisses you on the lips.

You was shocked and he pulled away.

"Are gonna kiss and tell?"He said.

You smiled and said no and then he asked you out.

You said YES(:

Then you go on YouTube to see Kiss And Tell worldwide by the Justin Bieber or



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