Dont Explain It..

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It was Justin's day off from work, and you guys were going to have a dinner date, so you decided to meet around 7:30 p.m. You guys didn't want to come together because of the paparazzi, but the paparazzi saw pictures of you and Justin together before, so you kind of became very known by the paps. They just happened to know you and Justin were going to have a date, so you are going to walk inside, and you just have cameras all in your face, they're taking multiple pictures of you. "Do you guys like stalk me and Justin?! You guys are very annoying" you said angrily. "Get used to it, this is how it's gonna be if you start dating a celebrity!" they said back laughing. You just try to ignore them and walk inside. Justin hasn't showed up yet, it's 7:45 right now. You try calling his cellphone a couple times. He doesn't answer. You tried texting him. He doesn't answer. "What if something happened on his way here?.." you thought curiously. You waited for just a couple more minutes. He still hasn't came. So you just got up and left. Paparazzi took pictures of you leaving. You got in your car, and started driving, you tried calling Justin again, he picks up. "Justin, where are you? I was sitting at the restaurant for 15 minutes waiting for you" you said kind of frustrated. Justin responds back with "I'm sorry babe, something came up, maybe we can do it tomorrow if that's fine with you?" he asked you with a sad tone. "Fine, but actually show up tomorrow night, alright?" you asked giggling a little bit. He laughs and says "I will baby, goodnight." you guys get off the phone, but not realizing it, you passed Justin on the side of the road. He was standing with some girl. You started to feel a little tingle inside. You stopped the car, turned around and went back to Justin. You stopped at him, you rolled down your window and said "Justin? What are you doing...with another girl?" Justin just stands there, nervous as can be, not knowing what to say. "I...I..I" he stuttered.

"Don't explain it to me, I don't even want to know" You said almost crying, but with an attitude. You drove off, squealing your tires and just went home and went to sleep. You woke up the next morning, looked on the news, and you saw the pictures of you leaving the restaurant last night, and they took pictures of Justin with that girl. "Bieber stands up beautiful brunette for another woman!" said the caption on the pictures. You just laid down, and tried to ignore everything. Justin comes by in the morning and knocks on your door. You get up to answer it, not having any idea it was him. Justin rushes in. "Justin, what are you doing here." You didn't even say it like a question. "Y/N, I'm sorry about last night, she was an old friend of mine, and I just saw her walking and I needed to talk to her, I was just so happy to see her again" He said quietly. "No, I don't want to hear that, you could have just gave her your number or something, but instead you stood me up for her. Have you seen the news yet?" you said. You were scared cause it was yours and Justin's first fight. Justin says "No, why? What's on it?" you laugh, and bring him in your room, and make him watch what was being said. "That, that's what happened." you said pointing at the television. Justin just sits down on the bed, looking down. "I'm really sorry, Y/N" he said shedding a tear. You sat beside him. "It's fine Justin, don't cry alright? I don't wanna see you cry. How about we just try this again tonight?" you said smiling. "Oh my god, I totally forgot, Y/N, I have to go back to my tour tonight..I can't do anything until my next day off." Justin said frightened. You just huffed. "Whatever Justin, text me when you have time." You said angrily. Justin just got up and left. Later that night, Justin goes back on his tour, and you guys just stayed in contact to know when you guys could finally have that date. Things started to clear up after a while. Justin apologized over and over for what happened last time. You ended up forgiving him, and just 2 weeks later, when he had that day off, you guys finally went on a date, and spent all night with each other, you were happy as can be.

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