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You: Damn it! I can't do the fucking dance right!
Fredo: Just try again. It really isn't that easy.
You: But you're GREAT at dancing. I suck!

*You were at dance rehearsal with your cousin Fredo cause he was taking you to a party at Quincy's house*

You: ARGH! That's it, I give UP!
Fredo: Maybe you'll do better if you had an actual male dancer with you. Wait right here. *goes into the hallway*
You: This better work.
*Your cousin comes back in with a guy. You instantly recognized him as his close guy friend, Justin. You never really cared about him; to you, he was a fucking smartass.*
You: Oh, NO. No, no, no, no, NO! Not him!
Justin: Hey to you too...
Fredo: YN, just TRY. It'll work.
You: I can't stand his ass!
Fredo: I'm going to the mall.See you later. *chuckles*
You: Alfredo! Stop tripping man! *sees him close the door* Fuck.
Justin: So....... where do you wanna start?
You: Don't act all sweet & nice to me; I don't like you.
Justin: You don't have to like me. I'm here to help you. Besides, I'd rather be an annoying person who dances great than a stuck up bitch who don't have any rhythm.
*You were appalled at what Justin just said. He smirks at his sly comment, knowing that it was the truth.*
You: You take that back!
Justin: Nope. I never did nothing to you.
You: You got a smart mouth!
Justin: *immediately responds* No. I'm just blunt. I say what's on my mind.
You: *sighs* Can we just start?
Justin: Sure.
*Justin puts on some music & comes back to you.*
Justin: Face your back toward me.
You: *does what he said* Okay. Now what?
Justin: Now, rotate your hips just a little.
You: *rotates them, but stiffly* Like this?
Justin: Don't be so stiff with it. Relax your body.
*He puts his huge hands on your semi-wide hips. You slightly moan to yourself. He starts swaying your hips to the beat, synchronizing it as a natural, free-flowing movement.*
Justin: Like this. See?
You: *looking down* Uh huh.....
*Justin secretly bites his lip, getting a quick, unoticed squeeze off your ass. You hear him say to himself, "Damn she got that body" & you feel your vagina getting wet.*
Justin: *letting go of your hips* Now you try it by yourself.
You: Fine. *mimics the same free-flowing movement*
Justin: *putting his hands on your waist* Now you got it, YN.
*You let out another low moan, & he traces your hourglass figure. His hands reaches your breasts, poking them through your baby tee. You put your ass on his dick, which was now rubbing against his pants.*
You: *backs away* How was THAT?
Justin: *takes a deep breath* Perfect. Just....... perfect.
You: Must be if your dick is hard.
*Justin quickly covers the area with his hands. You laugh & walk over to him.*
You: You know, you are kind of cute for an annoying person.
Justin: Cute? Girl, I'm sexy as hell
You: No, *gestures all over your body* THIS is sexy.
Justin: *walks around you* Got that right. *smacks your ass*
You: *jumps back* The hell? Don't touch me, boy.
Justin: What? You mean like this?
*He gets a firm grip on your waist, pulling you right next to him.*
You: *blushing a little* Yeah.
Justin: Aha, somebody likes that.
You: *turning your head away*Boy please.
Justin: Well, do you like it when I do this?
*He leans over & kisses you. You were surprised at first, then you close your eyes & kiss him back.*
You: *moaning* Mmmmm........... *tugs on his brown locks*
Justin: *slips his tongue in your mouth* Damn, YN...........
*You both moan loudly from the battle for the dominant tongue in pursue. Justin stops kissing you, looking into your eyes.*
Justin: So?
You: That still wasn't anything great. I've had better kisses than that.
Justin: How about......... I kiss something else? I promise you I'll do better than any other guy.
You: Kiss what?
Justin: *slowly pulling off your pants* Your pussy..........
*Was it just you, or did the temperature in the room just got hotter? You tried to speak up, but were quickly hushed from him lightly kissing your exposed legs. Going slowly down, then back up to your thighs.....*
You: *moaning softly* I don't think you'll be that great.
Justin: Girl, your legs will be numb for days after this.
*He swiftly pulled off your panties, exposing your shaved pussy. The moisture was already making its appearance all over the lips, & dripping slightly down your thighs.*
Justin: *licks his lips* You ready?
You: I guess.......
*Justin swipes his tongue over your pussy. You let out a loud moan, letting him know that you like it.*
You: Oh God, yes!
Justin: You want me to go deep?
You: Mhmmmm........
*He sticks his tongue deep inside. You grip the balance bars behind you. He works his magic on you, stroking it firmly, then tongue-fucking you hard. You continue to moan, & you look down at him. Justin looked like he enjoyed eating out your sweet pussy.*
*Justin lifts up one of your legs & puts it on his shoulder. Now you really were exposed. He starts rolling his tongue around your clit, making you buck your hips in his face. You grab one hand & push his face on it more, wanting to feel more.*
You: *loud moaning*
Justin: *muffled moaning*
*Justin grabs your ass from behind & pulls you even closer. He begins to suck on your clit with force. You moan so loud in pleasure, you're surprised the whole block ain't heard you. His pleasure fingers found its way into the mix & he stuck three inside you. Going deep & slow, fast & hard, then changing it up just to please you.......*
You: Yes! Yes! YES! Justin! Oh shit, don't stop! PLEASE don't stop baby!
*You felt your legs shaking uncontrollably. Your grip was so tight, the veins were popping out. Your entire body suddenly started to get less stronger, unable to hold itself up.*
You: *between pants* Justin, Jay, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. OH GOD, AHHHHHH!!!!!!
*Your cum poured out of your body. Justin uses his tongue like a scoop & drinks up every last drop. Your face was flushed from the strong, intense orgasm you just overcame. When he finished, making sure that every drop was gone, he came back up. His face looked like someone smeared a type of glaze all over. He kisses you again, getting some of your juices on your lips.*
You: That was....... insanely great.
Justin: Told you I was good at that.
You: You know what? You ain't that bad after all.
Justin: So, you ready to go to the party now?
You: Can you carry me? I can't feel my legs.
Justin: *laughs* Sure, YN. *picks you up & carries you out the building*

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