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For @EmilyHansen126

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Hope you Like Emily😃

You and Justin were dating and he wanted you to do a oovoo with him and fans.

He put the computer on a small table,not far from the bed and you sat criss cross beside him on the bed.The fans came up and Justin smiled and they started screaming and fan girling,You couldn't help but smile.

Y'all talked about everything and he even sang to them and they recording him on their phone and he loved it.He saw the poster and of a full size poster and he asked them about it.They told him about it and then he told them that he would send them more stuff and they were happy and he got their address and then he introduced you.

"This is Emily,my girlfriend."He said

"She's pretty"

"I love you"

"I like her,she could be my friend"

You heard them say and you smiled again.

"Sing for us"They said.

Justin sang Nothing Like Us with you and you were beautiful and they loved it.

"Kiss!Kiss!Kiss"They shouted.

Justin looked at you and started to kiss you and they started to awe.

Then he got frisky and laid you down on top of him still not breaking the kiss.

Then you didn't realize that y'all did it in front of the fans so they saw Jerry!

"Umm...Is Jerry still out."They asked covering their face.

"Oh shit."You both said covering up he walked towards the computer covering Jerry.

"If I show you Jerry,will you promise not to tell what you seen and you can get extra in your mailbox"He said smiling.

"Anything!We promise"They said.He uncovered his manhood and they started moaning and took pics.

He closed the laptop after saying bye.

"Lets gets back to what we are doing"He said going back and shoving Jerry in your Tom(;

Hope you like.!(:😃






-Belieber's World(:

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