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I Like You

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You walked into your best friend Justin's apartment.
"Justin I'm here!"
You shouted and heard footsteps coming towards the hallway.
"Y/n!!! YOU'RE HERE!"
He shouted and came running towards you embracing you in a bone crushing hug.
"Justin you're crushing me"
You managed to get out before he let go of you and laughed. You talked a little about what happened last time you hung out.
"Soo.. is there any girl you like then?"
You asked, smiling, teasing him a little. You'd always liked him but you didn't want to ruin your friendship by telling him you like him ore then a friend.
"ehm... well, there is this one girl that I really like... but I don't think she likes me back..."
He was looking at the ground when he spoke, avoiding eyecontact. Weird, he always used to look at you.
"Well come on then! Tell me who she is!"
You tried to be happy for him, that he had found someone that he liked but to be honest.. It killed you on the inside.
"I-I don't know.."
He started, he kept looking at the gound and playing with his fingers.
You said and gave him the puppy-eye look. He took a deep breath and looked at you.
"It's you."
He said, looking straight into your eyes. It took a while for you to register what he just said but after a few seconds you did.
"W-what, r-really?"
You stuttered, not really sure what to say or how to react. It was like all your dreams coming true. Before you could think you kissed him. You pulled away
You said, blushing and looking down at your hands.
"Don't be"
He said and kissed you again.

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