For Courtney

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It was 8:15 on the dot when Justin and you returned home from your first date and it was amazing. You guys went to the park and really just, well, talked. You were trying to get to know each other better. But afterwards, ya'll went out to eat at T.G.I Fridays.

You guys were in your room watching the episode of SpongeBob when he was singing with the jellyfishes at his house.Justin said, "Ey, I saw this episode already. Let's do something else."

You nodded your head and said, "We will, but first I gotta hit the shower."

"That's alright. I'm bout to go anyway." You stopped him in the middle of his tracks and put your hands on his chest, pushed him, and said, "You aint going nowhere."

You didnt mean for it to sound seductive and all, but it did. He replied with a kiss that you were sure the people in China felt. His tongue was everywhere in your mouth, but you wanted it to be everywhere on your body. Then, he started kissing your neck and whispered, "Now about that shower." With that he lifted you up to your pleasure.

He carried you to the bathroom and sat you down on the sink, kissing you hard and long. He threw your shirt and bra off and played tongue twister with your nipples. Then he went down. The feeling made you tingle and bite your lips.You rubbed your fingers through his hair. He took his shirt off and you just stared at his packs :0.

You kissed his chest, then around his belly button, then you traced that little line of hair that leads to the "D". You unstrapped his belt and pulled down his pants. Just as you thought, a big thick structure in his boxers. You licked the outline of that structure and pulled his boxers down. You knew that it was big but Damn!

Not wanting him to know that it was a challenge, you sucked it anyways--taking one inch at a time, starting with the head of it. You squeezed your jaws together, making more pressure on him. After awhile, he nutted and it tasted like warm ice cream.

He picked you up and carried you to that shower, turning it on to hot water. Oh, it's about to go down you thought.

As soon as the hot water hit you, a flash of excitement raced through your body. He pulled you into him and kissed you. You could feel every tight muscle in his body under your hand. The ripped packs he had against your stomach. Let's not forget his dick pressing against your clit, hard as rock.

Your V started throbbing as he lifted one leg up and went in. Your walls struggled to let him in because like you said earlier, he was a challenge.You pulled him closer and wrapped your arms around his shoulders with every stroke he provided. Each one made your body move in waves. After awhile, he started to thrust you harder and deeper, causing you to grab on the shower curtain bars--making it move down a little-- and scratch his back.

"Uhhh," he let out a little grunt. After that, you got down and he gave it to you doggystyle which made you bark. He pulled your hair which made it feel better. He used the other hand to grab your waist. Even though his grip was tight, you didn't mind.

Then, he sat at the edge of the tub and you got on top and rode. You guys bit each others' lips kissing. You felt him literally in your stomach and rode harder and faster. He grabbed your waist and made you go faster. This lasted for about 20 minutes and then you guys climaxed at the same time.

The End ;)

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