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You are laying on your bed. It’s not very late, but you feel tired. Your boyfriend of 2 years, Justin is on tour. It’s been months since you last saw him. You miss him, every part of him. Mostly, you miss the way he kisses you, his soft lips against yours, the feeling of his naked body against yours. A chill runs down your spine just thinking about it. You sigh.

A sound. Your phone. It’s a text from Justin.

Hey babe, I sent you a gift, it’s outside your door xx

You jump out of bed and rush towards the door. You open the door, and there he is, standing before you. You can’t believe your eyes. As soon as he steps inside, you are in his arms.

“I missed you” he whispers into your ear, pulling you into a kiss. You throw your arms around his neck, moving up to his hair. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around him, the kissing getting more passionate by the second. He carries you into the bedroom and throws you onto the bed. He gets on top of you and his lips meet yours, your tongues swirling together. You have so much to say to each other, but you don’t. No talking is necessary; your bodies speak for your mouths. And that would mean you have to stop kissing. Right now all you know is that you want him. Desperately.

He plants kisses starting from your forehead, to your neck, where he nibbles a little. He takes off your dress and unhooks your bra. He sucks onto your nipples making you moan. He leaves a trail of wet kisses down your stomach. His hands are now on the inside of your thighs. Every touch sends shivers down your spine. His tongue slowly enters your opening forcing you to grab the sheets. The pleasure is almost too much to handle. You’re breathing heavily as his tongue explores your area. He flicks his tongue making you scream even louder.

“JU--JUSTIN...I...NEED...YOU” you manage to say between the loud moans. He smirks.

Then He slids his long fingers in you,pumping faster as he licked you.

This drove you insane.You need him so bad in you.

He enters you without warning, making you scream in pain and pleasure. Soon, there is only pleasure. Too much of it. Every thrust sends a shiver down your body. The walls of your vagina tighten around his limb. He is breathing heavily. And so are you. You feel the warmth build up inside your stomach.

“I’m so close, baby…” you say.

Hearing that, he increases his pace, and the pleasure increases by a thousand times. You are going insane, you are shaking uncontrollably.

“Let’s cum together, babe” he says and smiles at you.

He pushes into you one last time and both of you cum together. He lays down beside you.

“Don’t go anywhere now, Justin” you say, resting your head on his bare chest.

“Never” he replies, pulling you into a kiss.


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