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If you haven't heard Natalie by Bruno Mars listen to it cause I would make perfect sense for this imagine


It's been years since you killed Natalie.

That bitch ruined your life.

Took Justin.Stole your money.Stole your old boyfriends.

This bitch was a player,She thinks its funny..


"Y/n,Dont kill Natalie...I know your mad but baby I do t want you in jail,I love you"Justin said as you were in the kitchen with a butcher knife.

"Move Justin"I said as Natalie was standing behind him laughing at you.

You threw the knife.


"She won't make it,The knife got her in the eye deep and into her skull"The doctor said to Justin and you.You walk off smiling.


I won't forget Natalie.

The Slut.Money Stealer.Man Taking trash.

That's why she died with a knife in the eye.

You thought to yourself.

"Arrghh"You said in a pirate voice.

One Eye Natalie.


I'm sorry guys if sounds harsh but umm I'm kinda mad at my best friend's guy with benefits cause he got a crush while talking to her and she found out and She had a major Freak attack so im pissed.

I will write happier promise...(:


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