Sex Tape

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Right Before I go to school and I wrote this..

Justin didn't have to do much convincing to get me in bed. Usually it was just a simple token  Justin Bieber hair flip and blink of his brown eyes that did the trick, or his promise of never neglecting any part of my body. What he did have to convince me of, however, was the video camera. There was a large video camera set up on an old tripod he had probably dug up out of his parents' attic, perfectly positioned so it could see us clearly no matter where on the bed we were. He had tried to shove his tongue down my throat in efforts of me not seeing the camera there, but it, of course, hadn't worked.
"If you think I'm fucking you with that thing recording, you're out of your mind!" I crossed my arms in front of my chest, gesturing with my eyes toward the camera.
"Come on, babe, just pretend it's not there!" Justin groaned. I shook my head. Too many things made me doubt the idea. For one, someone could find it. Normal, married couples made sex tapes all the time, but famous teenage couples who have sworn that they have never had sex don't. There's always the risk of someone finding it. You never know how much money you can make from sending in a sex tape to the tabloids. And two, our sex was secret. We had to buy a whole separate apartment for it! It was special, and it was ours. Suppose somebody else saw it somehow. They would know that we have in fact done it, and we do it very often by the looks of it. "No. Why do you even want to tape us anyway?"
"For those nights that I'm without you," he pulled me closer to him, kissing my forehead. "Those nights that all I want to do is pound you but you're too far away or too busy for me to. Isn't this better than me watching fake online porn? Jacking off for some strange actress? At least if I'm jacking off it's to you."
He put up a pretty big fight, I have to admit. It was all I could do not to leave, but he had a point. There were a lot of nights we couldn't travel together and, blame the teenage hormones, I needed him inside me but I couldn't have him. It would be nice to have a little memory. I pressed the record button on the camera, strutted over to him and kissed him. He smiled in satisfaction against my lips and began removing my shirt as we explored each other's mouths. He pushed me onto the bed, my shirt now on the floor where the rest of our clothes would soon be. He removed my jeans but left my underwear on. He liked seeing the big wet spot on my panties that had accumulated as he massaged and caressed my upper body.
Justin's fingers worked my body, running up and down my sides. I helped him unclasp my lacy purple bra, something that damn boy still didn't know how to do, and he began squishing and squeezing them, running his fingers over my nipples and placing his mouth on them. He sucked them until they were hard and pink, probably how my aching clit looked right about then. He traced his fingers down my body, around my navel, down to my inner thighs, where he planted a trail of kisses, all leading up to a light kiss on my vagina, the one that drove me wild. He lapped up the leaking wetness like a hungry kitten. He had desire in his eyes, I could see it.
I sat back and moaned as he placed my legs up over his shoulders, pushed my panties to the side and flicked my clit with his tongue. Without warning, his tongue plunged into my hole, and he moved it in and out hard and fast. He entered a finger along with his tongue, moving rhythmically so every time I took a short breath there was more pleasure. By the time he put a second finger in my busy hole, I was ready to come all over his fingers and tongue. I felt the liquid slowly coming out of my body, leaking onto Justin's fingers. He retracted his fingers and tongue, sucking on them. "You taste so good!" he growled.
"You taste better," I growled back, adding a wink. Justin removed his shirt and his pants, taking his boxers off, too. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I knelt in front of him. His penis was hard and erect, and I could see in a little while, spitting juice on my face. I rubbed and jerked it, taking the head in my mouth and slowly moving it farther into my mouth. I kept eye contact the entire time, just like he always tells me to. He planted his hands in my hair and pushed it down and pulled it up. He leaned his head back and moaned my name. God, my pussy was dripping again. "You know, Y/n, if acting doesn't work out for you, you could always be a porn star."
I giggled and continued to suck and jerk and lick, but finally, he laid on the bed and I jumped on top of him. He entered his hard member inside of me and I rode on it harder and faster than usual. I needed it inside me, I needed every space in my vagina filled by his big dick. I moaned, and I could tell by Justin's moans I was doing good. He played with my tits and kissed me as I rode him. He bucked his hips slightly every time I bounced down, his length touching the spot inside my body that send shivers down my spine. "I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed. I stopped and got off of him so he could spurt his come on my body. You wouldn't think it, but I loved the feeling of Justin's semen all over my face and chest. It made me feel like I did a good job. His jizz landed on my face, and he let out one last moan of approval.
The whole time I had forgotten the camera was there. I kind of liked being filmed. Now we would have this moment forever, especially when we needed to be pleasured and the other one of us wasn't there.

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