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For Jenni

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Early Christmas morning. You got out of bed and tied your hair in a bun. You got a coat and got into your boots. You got out of the house and it was snowing like crazy! But not a snowstorm.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS WORLD!” You yelled. “Be careful. It’s only 6 am. You might wake people up.” someone said. You turned around and saw your bestfriend, Justin, standing 10 feet away from you. “Jussstinnnnn!!” You tackled him with a huge bear hug, which made you both fall to the ground. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!” You screamed at his face, which made him chuckle.

“Merry Christmas, love” He laughed. “Now get off of me! You’re heavy!” He joked. You playfully slapped him on the arm and got up. You helped him up but he seemed to help you down.

“Ow!” You said as you fell on your bum. “Haha! and that!!! Is for tackling me on the ground!” He said and got up. Before he could gain his balance back, you got his leg and made him fall back to the ground. “HEY! UNFAIR!!!” He said. You stick your tongue out at him. “Don’t you dare stick your tongue out at me!!!!!” He said threatening you. “And what will you do if I do?!” You teased.

“I. AM. GOING. TO….” He crawled over to you. “TICKLE YOU!!!!” He ticked you so hard and you laughed so crazy. “ah!! Haha! Stop!!! No!! Stop!! Haha!!!! Stop it Justin!” You said in between laughs. “I will if you give me a present!!!” He tickled you even more. “I will! I will!!” You said to make him stop. He stopped and you both stood up.

“SUCKER!!!!” You said and ran around your yard. He chased you and you ran away from him. “CHEATER!!!” He screamed at you. “HEY! You don’t have a gift for me! So why do I need to give you a gift?!” You asked as you ran away from him.

“Because last Christmas you didn’t give me one even though I gave you one!!” He said as he ran after you. You sat laid on the ground and gasp for air. Justin did the same and laid down next to you. You hit his stomach real hard which made him moan in pain. You laughed at him while he’s at pain.

“Now.. I don’t have a present for you… Sorry” You said. “It’s alright..” He said. “Really?!” You asked. “Yup! Let’s make snow angels!” He said. You two did and had fun. You had a huge crush on Justin for a long time but you couldn’t tell him because he’s your bestfriend.

You went back in your house with Justin to get some hot cocoa when Justin put a present under your Christmas tree.

“What’s that?” You asked, handing him his hot cocoa. “My present for you” He said. “Oh.. I’m really sorry I don’t have a gift” You said. “It’s okay.” He smiled. After you two finished drinking hot cocoa, Justin went home. You were so curious about his present for you so you decided to open it. You were overwhelmed as you saw a teddy bear holding a heart that says “All I want for Christmas is you, Jenni. I love you”

There was a note. You opened it and read it. You read:

Merry Christmas Jenni! It’s been a long time since we met and we’ve been spending Christmas together for these past few years. It’s been forever since I’ve wanted to tell you this and I don’t even have the courage to tell you this in person. But it’s more important that I tell you this right now before it’s too late. Well.. Here it goes… Jenni, I was and is still in love with you. I love you so much. I know you might not feel the same way, but I love you. I love you. I love you! I didn’t stay because I know if I did and you read this letter, you’d probably slap me and never wanna see me again. So I decided I’ll just write you this letter and go straight home. Well, Jenni, I love you very much. Merry Christmas! xxxxxxx

Much love, Justin

You felt tears escaping your eyes as you read the letter over and over again.

You grabbed your beanie and ran to Justin’s house, which was only 2 blocks away. You knocked on his door loudly and the door quickly opened. It was Justin who opened it. You greeted him with a tight hug and he was surprised. You cupped his cheeks and gave him a passionate kiss. As you broke the kiss, Justin was there, standing with a shocked look on his face. You looked up and saw a mistletoe. Wow! Perfect!! “What was that for?” He asked, still so surprised. “I love you too!!!” You hugged him and he hugged you back, crying.

“I thought you wouldn’t love me back” He said as tears escaped his eyes. “I did, I still do and always will love you!” You kissed him one more time. “BEST.CHRISTMAS.EVER” He stated. You laughed at him. You two spent your first Christmas as boyfriend and girlfriend.


It doesnt feel like Christmas...and Christmas is on a wednesday..

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