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Me and Justin...ya, its Justin Bieber, are best friends since diapers. Now, both of us are 19 years old. I secretly have a crush on Justin since we're in the 8 grade but I did not have guts to tell him as I knew that he does not have the same feeling as I do. Anyway, I am single and ready to mingle. For Justin, he had just broke up with the Selena Slutty Gomez(No offense, but I still hate her for breaking Justin's heart).Now he's pretty much heartbroken but not that much as this clown over here(which is me) always entertain him, and it does work. It hurts a lot to see him heartbroken as you know, I love him (more than best friends). And I care for him a lot. It's just sad that he does not know how I feel towards him.

Anyway, today, in the night, me and Justin decided to hang out with each other and I'm so excited :D Now I'm getting ready to go 'there'. Ya, Justin decided to not tell me where he is taking us and said that its a surprise. Im quite frustrated right now as I hate surprises but if its from Justin, of course I love it. FYI, I'm wearing a black tank top which has 'Forever Alone' written on it in gold, blue dark skinny jeans, gold supra and I curl my hair and put into a high and neat ponytail.

Justin: 'YN, ARE YOU READY?!' He shouted from downstairs.

YN: 'Yes, I'm ready just need to put a little bit of Girlfriend ... And Done!

I quickly walked down the staircase to see Justin or maybe check him out wearing a black skinny jeans, a gold supra and a black t-shirt with 'I'm Hot, SWAG!' written on it in gold. I slightly chuckled reading it and that attracts his attention. He raise one of his eyebrows up and look at where I'm looking and chuckled with me.

Justin: 'But it's definitely true right?' He joked.

YN: 'Ohh ya' I also joked while playfully winking at him. Then we burst out laughing.

Justin: ' Ohh, we matched, haha' I also giggle. 'Anyway, you look beautiful' i blushed when he said that I hide my face. Luckily he doesn't see me blushing, it's embarrassing. 'Come on, lets go'

With that, he grab my hand and walk us out. Ohh my, I feel sparks whenever he touches me. Then, we walk to his car. He release my hand and open the car door for me and wait till I'm in the car then close it for me. Aww, he being a gentleman which he already is. After doing that, he rushes to the driver seat and starts driving to 'the place'.

In the car, he on the radio and we started singing to all the songs. When we nearly reach there, Justin told me to put on the blindfold which he just gave me and me being me just do what he told me to do. After a few minutes, I felt the car stopping and heard car door open.

Justin: 'YN, hold my hand and follow me' he said before I hold his hand.

I just follow where he brings me to carefully to make sure not to fall down.

YN: 'Justin, are we there yet? I'm getting tired of walking' i whined.

Justin: ' Wait... And here we are. Ok, now you can take off the blindfold.'

I take off the blindfold and slowly adjust my eyes to the surrounding. When my eyes are clear, I look around us and realize that we are at a park and its really beautiful with a pond with some ducks and fishes in it. I look at the grass and spotted a blanket with a basket, 2 wine glass and a bottle of orange juice. He's just so sweet.

YN: 'Aww, Justin, it's so beautiful. Thank you do much, you're so sweet. Did you plan all this?'

Justin: 'Your welcome and thank you. Ya, I plan all this, hehe.' He said while blushing and scratching his neck.

After eating, we lay down on the blanket and watch the star in the sky.

YN: 'The stars are so beautiful.' I said randomly.

Justin: 'Yeah, but it's not as beautiful as you.'

I just blush and sit up. Justin also followed.

YN: 'You think I'm beautiful?' I ask Justin, not looking at him.

Justin: 'No, I think you're really very beautiful.'

When he said that, I face him and surprisingly, he had already look at me. I stared at his amazing brown hazel eyes and suddenly get lost in it.

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