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The music was blaring in your ears, giving you a major headache. You were at your best friend's house, she was having a party, but all you wanted to do was go home. Partly because she had run off and left you alone with a ton of people you didnt know to get drunk, and partly because Justin was here. Justin, your ex-boyfriend who you had dated for 10 months until he had gone out and decided to cheat on you. The thought of that experience still brought tears to your eyes, but you promised yourself you wouldn't cry tonight. Tonight you were supposed to have fun, forget about Justin, which wasnt easy when you could run into him any second.

You were sitting on your friends balcony thinking about him when she stumbled out.

"Come on aliya have a drink! have some fun!" she slurred out, almost tripping over her own feet.

"No I'm good. But you look like you may have had TOO many drinks. I might get going soon, too, its getting late." you looked back out off the balcony, admiring how the moon looked shining down on the large swimming pool in the backyard.

"PARTY POOPER!" she yelled before dragging herself back inside the house, leaving you outside alone again.

You found yourself thinking about Justin again, just before you heard the familiar sweet voice behind you.

'Hello, love."

Oh, god. Please don't be..... You turn around and find yourself looking into those beautiful glowing amber/brown eyes of none other than Justin Bieber.

"Um Hi." you said awkwardly, trying not to catch his gaze, but you could feel him staring at you. It was making you a bit uncomfortable.

"Listen, I was stupid, ok? I am so sorry for ever hurting you... I love you." he stepped a little closer to you. The cold night breeze was giving you chills, and you tried to stay calm.

But you found yourself also edging closer to him. You had told yourself not to do this, not to give in. You just couldn't help yourself, though. Everything about him made you crazy. And before you knew it, you guys were almost up against each other, and he layed his hands on your waist, placing his warm soft lips onto your cold ones. You sat there for a minute taking everything in.

"There's an empty bedroom upstairs. Meet me in 5 minutes." his whisper in your ear sent chills through your body.

and when you opened your eyes again, he was gone. You wrapped your soft jacket tighter around your body, blocking out the cold air. What had you just done? It took a minute for his words to sink in. "Meet me in 5 minutes" you replayed his words in your mind. You didnt know if you'd be able to take it. Any longer being so close to Justin, you might just end up going crazy. You knew kissing him was wrong. He had hurt you. Even after all this though, you found yourself wanting him to kiss you again. His lips had felt so good against yours. It had been forever since you'd last done that.

After you thought it had been about 5 minutes, you walked into the house, dodging all the drunk people as you made your way through the room ,and up the wide wooden staircase. Once you got upstairs, you realized you didnt know which room Justin had been talking about, so you just decided to check them all. You opened the first door to find a guy and girl, probably about 20 years old, pretty much eating each others' faces off. "Ew." you thought to yourself, and close the door back quickly. The second door was the bathroom, where there were several girls in there, either throwing up or fixing their make up. But when you walked into the third door, its was completely dark in the room, so you couldnt see a thing.

"Justin....Justin?" you whispered into the darkness "are you in here???"

You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind. You turned around. Your eyes had adjusted to the dark now, and you could just make out his eyes looking down into your y/e/c ones. "Babe, i love you. and I'm sorry." he whispered into your ear, giving you chills again.

"I love you too, Justin. I forgive you!" you flashed him a little smile.

"Really? you do?"

you giggled at the excitement in his voice. "Yes, really."

"Good!" He leaned down and kissed you gently. The kiss quickly became heated. He licked your bottom lip, and you immediately parted your lips, letting his warm tongue in to explore your mouth.

His hands ran to the bottom of your shirt. He pushed them underneath it, rubbing them up your back as he continued kissing you.

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