Missing You:Pamela

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I know there is One more show of The Believe Tour but pretend it isnt.

Justin P.O.V

It's been 1 full month, 1 full dreadful month. 1 month without the one I truly loved but management apparently made me fake date her because it was supposedly for good publicity. But that is not the case at all. I've fake dated Pamela for half a year when I finally decided that I didn't want to pretend anymore because I actually grew some real feelings for her because she was sweet, caring, loving, funny, smart. She could cheer me up when I wasn't in the greatest mood. She would ask what was wrong if I wasn't feeling alright, just about anything. So basically, I fell in love with her. But, management didn't like that. They had me come to the studio just a couple weeks ago and said:

"Justin, we've noticed that you're developing quite the feelings for this girl." Management tells me as I'm sitting in the chair, hands folded on my lap, waiting to get this over with. "Yeah, so? I actually like her. I've never felt this way before with anyone else." I casually nod my head, then glancing around the room. "Justin, Justin,"they shake their head at me. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering what the hell I did. "I'm afraid this isn't gonna work with you two together. People are thinking that this relationship is actually real. Justin I want you to break up with her." They tell me with no expression on their face whatsoever. Anger boils up inside me, do they really think they can make my decisions up for me?! Uh, no. I'm old enough to chose who I want to date. "Why! Because you apparently want me to pretend to date this girl that I actually like and break up with her?! No, I'm not gonna do that." I stand up angrily looking at them. "You will and you will do as we say." They all say. I don't want to deal with anymore of this, walking right out the door, slamming it behind me. Walking out of the building, into the alleyway. Running my hand through my hair, frustrated. Many thoughts are running through my head, that it's hard to think of one thing at a time. So much stress put on me now. How am I gonna break it to her because I don't want to break her heart or have her upset at me because I was only dating her for publicity and just because management told me to.

So this is where I'm currently at. I've told her what I had to do, she stood there looking at me as if she didn't even know what I just told her, but then she just broke down crying front of me. I wanted to so bad comfort her in my arms but I know she would just push me away because she assumes that I just don't care, when I really do. Then she started to yell at me, she said this: "Justin how could you. You used me for complete publicity, just because management told you to. That's sick. I actually liked you, loved you with all my heart and you just come out blankly say that 'its not gonna work anymore, I'm sorry Pamela." She yells at me. "Pamela let me explain--" she cut me off. "No Justin. You've said enough. I get it you don't love me even when I loved you. Get out, I don't want to see you." She yelled at me. I heavily sighed, grabbed my jacket off the couch and headed out the door, not looking back.


So, yeah it's been a month and the rest of the crew and I are continuing on with Believe tour, and I am as miserable as ever. I loved her I really did. Today is the show in her hometown, where she lives. So being in her hometown today will be hard because a lot of things remind me of her. The cafe in town that we just passed where we went to a lot of times when she was in a bad mood, I'd take her to get her favorite thing to have at Starbucks. So we're in the tour bus on our way to the arena, to get ready to play tonight. Many people will be coming, which is always great but a lot of times I wish that Justin would come to the show because I have dedicated a song to her, 'A Drop In The Ocean,'As we're on our way, my focus is out the window looking at the passing buildings out on the street. Scooter looks back at me, concerned. "Justin," Scooter says to me, coming next to me. "You haven't talked at all in the whole trip, what's bothering you?"
"Everything about her, Scooter. I miss her. She thinks I don't care about her, when I really do. I hate management, but I had to listen to them. I still love her man." I look at him, sighing.
"Aw I know." Scooter said. But anything someone said didn't make me feel better because I needed her.


Hours went by and it's almost time for the concert. I honestly didn't feel like doing this one because I know I'm in her hometown, but I didn't want to disappoint the fans or let the crew down, so I had to do it. It was about 10 minutes til the show.

The show began 10 minutes later, the lights dimmed down out in the audience and lights came on the stage. The dancers and I walked out on stage and the audience roared in excitement, I couldn't help but put a small smile on my face as the fans were all excited to see us. "How are you all doing tonight!" The Dj says excitedly into the mic. The crowd exploded with excitement.

Then towards the middle of the show I saw a familiar face in the crowd, I moved closer to edge of the stage and looked at her, a smile spread across my face there in the front row is the love of my life Pamela. Then something popped into my head. "Hey everyone how you all doing tonight?" I said into the mic, the crowd roared and I smiled. "Thats awesome! Now I have something to say Pamela , I know you're here and I am completely sorry for the management thing a month ago, I'm really sorry. But you don't know the whole story. Yes I admit that it was for publicity but in the whole time I realized that I developed some real feelings for you and I haven't felt like this for anyone else. I do care about you ok. But Pamel I have a song for you, this is A Drop In The Ocean" I started on the song and I looked at her the whole time and I saw a wide smile on her face the whole time.

The song ended and she nearly had tears in her eyes and I saw a dancer going to the edge of the stage, holding out his hands to bring her up. She grabbed hold on his hands and he pulls her up and pushes her toward me. I brought her into a hug and she gladly hugged me back. We pulled apart and I looked deep into her eyes "Pamela will you please forgive me for being such an ass and come back to me please?" I asked her, hopefully.

"Yes Justin Bieber. I forgive you and I will take you back. I love you Justin!" She smiled brightly at me, causing me to smile back at her.

"I love you too Pamela!" I kissed her passionately, both of us smiling into the kiss.

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