I Heard You Say It Last Night..

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"What the hell Justin?" I asked as Justin pushed past me, another bad day.

"You know, paparazzi had a real field day with you today" Justin yelled, anger in his eyes

"What are you talking about?" I said, all I did today was go out with my best friend for lunch

"You fucking stuffed your face with whatever you were eating! You looked like a cow" Justin said, throwing his hands up

I looked at him in shock; did he really just say that?

"Sorry Justin that I blew your fucking image; I was having a good time! And since when did you have a problem with how I ate?"" I asked, feeling myself fill up with hurt

"You're a fat bitch" Justin seethed, venom dripping with each word he spoke

I felt my heart skip a bit in a bad way

He knows how I feel about my weight

"Take that back" I said, trying not to break

"No" Justin growled, staring me dead in the eyes

"I hate you" I said "I hate you!" I yelled, tears falling from my eyes

"Y/n wait-"

"No" I shook my head, going upstairs.

I walked into my room, taking my duffle bag and packing my clothes

"Y/n wait please-"Justin said, trying to reach out to me but I pulled back, grabbing as much as I could with my little arms.

"I can't do this anymore" I whimpered my hearts strings pulling as I thought about what I was doing

"You're breaking up to me?" Justin whispered, shock on his face

"I deserve somebody who gives a shit about me Justin, and that's not you" I yelled, moving past him with my bags.

"Y/n please I'm sorry-""I'm done Justin, Its over" I said, cutting him off as i walked out the door

I kept walking not turning back until I reached the end of the sidewalk.

I still had my house but I usually spent all my time with Justin so I brought some clothes over.

Justin made me feel like crap and I was over it. I loved him with everything in me but I couldn't take the emotional pain anymore.

I called a cab, not looking back because I know I'd change my mind and go back to him.

But I couldn't


I walked inside my house, it was quiet and scary.

I sighed, my heart aching from what just accrued.

I went upstairs, throwing my duffle bag on the floor in my bedroom and going to the bathroom.

I washed my face, taking off my makeup and putting on my pajamas.


I brushed my teeth, leaving the bathroom.

I crawled into bed; feeling like a chunk of my heart was missing.

I was incredibly afraid of the dark, but Justin was always by my side to protect me.

I let out a sob, this couldn't be happening.

I looked at my phone, noticing I had a bunch of messages and missed calls from Justin.

I cried out, turning off my phone.

I hated him, but I loved him so much more.


4 weeks later

Justin's P.O.v

"Justin come out to the club with us tonight bro, it'll be fun!" My best friend Ryan said, walking into my room

"Go away" I groaned, hiding under the sheets.

It had been two weeks since Y/n broke up with me, and I had completely lost myself.

I screwed up big time with that fight, and I lost her.

I lost the one good thing in my life.

She was my rock, she made me smile, laugh, and she was beautiful.

Her personality was amazing, and I threw away 2 ½ years because I treated her like shit.

She was right, she did deserve better than me, she deserved so much better.

"Justin, it's been a month already, you have to let her go and let her live her life, and you need to live yours" Ry said, -patting my back

You know what? He's right, I should go out and have fun .I needed to get wasted, feel numb

"Give me 30 minutes" I said.

Ryan smiled "Good for you man"

Time to get wasted


Your POV

I was walking home from Subways, which was literally 5 minutes away from my house.

My life was getting worse since I broke up with Justin.

I had gone on a strict diet, eating only healthy things.

I exercised 5 times a day, and only drank water. I could see the difference in my weight, and it made me feel better about myself.

But I was a mess without Justin

I stopped when I saw a group of guys at the end of that club; they looked like they were pushing someone around

I walked closer, seeing if I could help the person.

I gasped when I saw who it was "J-Justin?" I said

I ran over to them "Hey, get off of him!" I yelled, but they didn't listen, continuing to punch and kick him

Tears fell down my face "I'm calling the cops!" I yelled, taking my phone out

That was enough for them to leave, they all scattered away, leaving Justin hunched over on the floor

"Justin!" I ran towards him

Justin groaned as I tried to lift him up, putting his arm around my shoulder

"Justin, I need you to help me okay? Its Y/n, I'm here" I said, hoping he would listen

I managed to drag Justin to my house, putting him in my car.

Justin was quiet the whole ride home, looking out the window.

Tears were falling from my eyes, his beat up figure making me whimper slightly.

I gasped when I felt his hand take mine, sparks shooting through me like always.

"Don't cry Y/n, I'm okay" Justin said, alcohol reeking off of him.

I nodded, letting him comfort me.

I got to his house, turning the car off and helping him out the car.

I got him inside, walking him up the stairs and in the bathroom.

I tried not to think of all the memories we had in this house as I sat him on the toilet, cleaning his wounds on his face and putting an ice pack on his cheek.

I made him brush his teeth, so his breath wouldn't stink of alcohol in the morning.

I went downstairs quickly, getting him some pills for his soon to be hangover and a glass of water.

I went upstairs to see Justin naked, lying on the bed sleeping

I bit back my giggle, walking up to him and shaking his shoulder.

"Justin wake up" I said, getting him to wake up

I gave him the pills and turned to leave, when he grabbed my hand

"Stay, please" Justin croaked, holding my hand tighter

I bit my lip, nodding

I took my shorts off, putting on one of his sweatpants and tying my hair in a ponytail.

I got in bed with him, lying as far away as I could from him.

"Come e're "Justin said, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his chest.

I relaxed in his protective hold, ignoring the doubt in my head

"I love you Y/n" Justin said, making my breath hitch

He was drunk, he wouldn't remember this tomorrow.

"I love you too" I whispered, falling into a dreamless sleep after him


I woke up, someone's arms tight around me.

I smiled at the sight of Justin's peaceful face, but immediately frowned as I realized I spent the night

I pulled away from his grip, taking his sweats and putting my shorts back on

"Y/n?" Justin asked, making me jump

"I'm sorry, I have to go, and I hope you feel better" I said, turning to leave his room.

I gasped as I felt Justin grab my arm, pulling me towards him

"Can we talk?" Justin asked, his eyes sincere

I gulped, nodding as I sat down

I fiddled with my thumbs, looking down as I waited for him to speak

"Y/n, I've been a mess without you. I can't eat or sleep and I really messed up. I love you so much, and I don't want to lose you. I was being a jerk that day and I didn't mean it. You're beautiful in every single way and you were right, you deserve better, you deserve the best and thats not me. I need you to know that I love you and I'm nothing without you, please forgive me" Justin said, grabbing my hands

I looked at him in shock, tears filling my eyes

"I- I can't Justin" I said, closing my eyes as his filled with pain

I got up "i-im sorry, I need to leave" I said, turning around.

"I know you love me, I heard you say it last night" Justin said, making me freeze

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