A Sexy Imagine for @BiljanaFilipovic69

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Hope you like.!

You and Justin have been dating and you wanted to move up a stage.The sex stage..

You waited on Justin to come home from the studio.You were craving his body now and when Justin came through the door,you ran and jumped in his arms and started kissing him.

"Umm...babe...what...are..you..doing..?"He said between kisses."Im ready."You said kissing his neck.He smiled and he took you upstairs in the bedroom.

You ripped his shirt off while he laid you on the bed.You two kissed again not breaking the kiss and his hands led down to your shortsHe pulled them off still not breaking the kiss.He kissed your neck making you moan soft moans.Then moving down to your breasts rubbing them and pulling your shirt and bra off sucking on each hard nipple.You moan a little louder,then he kissed down to your clit and rubbed it softly,teasing you and making you even more horny.

He stuck his tongue in making you scream his name.He spelled his whole name in it making you scream louder.He mumbled in your clit and the vibrations made you wet.He came up and kissed you,making you taste yourself and he reached in the dresser beside you and got out a Trojan condom.He got the vanilla flavored and stuck it on his "Jerry"

You took Jerry in your mouth and swirled your tongue over him.You taste the vanilla flavoring and you felt a wet moisture in the condom.He cummed.He took the condom off and you took Jerry agin sucking off the rest of the cum.

He put on another condom and got in thrusting position.You spread your legs and he enters the tip,the pain of how big he is hurts,then he slowly enters all of it.He was so big.

"Your so tight Bibi"He said while he thrusted in you.You start moaning and screaming and he goes slow,"Stop teasing and fuck me"You moaned.He thrusted in you and leaned down to kiss you.He thrusted faster and faster."Yeah throw that Jerry into this Tom baby,throw it in there"You moaned.He then pulled back and shoved it in you with all his force.You grip the sheets and he does it again hitting your g spot,Going faster and faster and flicking his tongue in your clit as well making you climax again.

Then he picked you up and put you on his Jerry and making you bounce on it.Your skin flaps with his and you moaned some more.Then he moves your legs above his head and you bounce again and he licked your clit again flicking his tongue in.

Then he moves to the wall and he thrusted in you some more.His big member making so horny,He took you in the shower and fucking you in the shower.You never went that long and then you got out and he licked your wet clit but your squirted on him and he licked some more.Then you too slowed down and laid on the bed naked,"That was fucking awesome"I said."Especially for your first time."Justin said wrapping a arm around you and kissing your neck."I love you babe"You said kissing him."I love you too"He said kissing you softly and you two fall asleep.


I actually had fun writing a request for you Bibi.!(:

Pleas people,if you want a imagine request.!Dont be scared just inbox me if you don't wanna do it publicly but you shouldn't be scared...






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