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Wassup my sexy mofos!

Well here is how my active,non social life is.

I'm addicted to wattpad....facebook.....instagram.....retrica....Ihate movellas..the app is basically Wattpad but diff name and colors and the books are terrible to me personally....I mean trying to get help with a imagine for JB sucks so I just think of something..

I need to update and Im making two more two books.

One is Jason Deeps:From Justin flirting with the teacher and she goes all sexual

Two:Someday..:A book about my new Frienn Xena and how she always wanted to meet Justin

"You gonna miss me someday.."

And guess who that came from..




You find out when I publish it.,,,!!!!

But you want a Justin Bieber imagine...

You can choose Jason Deeps or My original one!

Btw:I fucking love you sexy mofo Beliebers.!!!!

I'm out

-Swag On Beliebers


A song my cousin made up of Justin from boyfriend....

Swag swag swag on you,moaning Justin's name while he's thrusting in you.Bitches know about the D but its all up in you,so bitch say hello to my ass in 3,2,Swag!

Yeah...I told him that I would have my readers judge that...

And mofos,he's a fucking Belieber and hea gay and that's why he's my favorite cousin and all we talk about is Justin Bieber

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