Happt Birthday Miley

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Its Dirty!I mean what Belieber wouldn't think dirty on their birthday😘

It was your 18th birthday and justin, your boyfriend, invited you over to his house. It was just gonna be you two tonight, so you wish that something would happen. You got dressed in the blue tank-top he got for you a few weeks ago, and a pair of denim booty shorts that he loved and some flip flops to go with it. You applied some eyeliner, mascara, and sparkly lip gloss. Then you texted Justin to tell him you were on your way, he replied with "cool, can't wait to see you, i have a special present waiting for you ;)", you were extremely thrilled to find out what was going to happen tonight.

Once, you arrived, you saw a note that said' hey babe, the door is open, meet me in the bedroom for your birthday present :)' You walked in and ran up stairs and knocked on the door and said, justin babe, you in there? and he replied with yeah babe come in, so with that you slowly opened the door to see a naked justin lying in bed.

Justin: come here baby, I want to show you your present"
In his low husky voice that always turned you on. You walked over to him and he slowly lifted the bedsheets off of him and his hard on stood straight and tall. You replied with "Oh my bieber!" he asks "like what you see?" you replied with
"Oh yeah"

Justin: "Ok lets get started, strip for me." With that you strip down to your victoria's secret black thong and black lacy bra.

Justin: "Take those off too," you obeyed

Next thing you know, you were pinned to the wall, and justin clashed his lips to yours, you could smell and taste his warm minty breath on your lips, then he licks your lips begging for entrance and you allow him to, your tounges fought for dominance but as always he won.

He orders you to lay down, and you obey, he gets on top of you and massages your right breast while biting, and sucking the nipple on your other, you feel his large boner on your thigh which made you even more wet. he leaves love bites on your neck down to your thigh, and with that he starts to massage your clit, you let a moan and you saw him smirk. He then shoves 2 fingers into you and pumps them in and out really fast, he asks
"Did I make you this wet?' you reply with
"Yeah, oh j- justin, I'm gonna cum,"
he says "Hold it" and immediately slides into you thrusting in and out really hard and fast, his room fills with both of your moans, and he says
"Oh shit,I'm about to cum, fuck!" you reply with
"Me too j- j- Justin, ugh" and you feel his hot liquids fill you up which drives you over the edge and cum all over his dick. He licks up all your cum while eating you out. "Mmm, Miley, your always taste so sweet"

You then lay on his chest, and fall asleep.


For @xoxo_coke_queen hope your friend Likes this!😘😘

🎉💜 Happy Birthday Miley 💜🎉

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