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For @Melissa_Yvonne

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Melissa POV

Where is Justin?I need his fucking body on me..I want his jerry in my tom and he can play with my clit..Gahhh...

Justin POV

I want Melissa body...her riding me...me shoving this cock so far up her clit..she would moaning my name..Ohh sweet Melissa(;

Melisss POV

Justin came home with a tent and I pulled him upstairs and locked our bedroom door.He kissed me softly on my neck making me moan soft moans and making me even horny.

I pulled Justin on the bed and pulled his shirt off showing his hot abs and muscles..


I breathed and kissed each ab and both muscles and rubbing Jerry some more.Justin moaned and he flipped us over and started to remove my shirt and bra sucking and rubbing both my nipples and he moved down to my yoga pants...he put his face down and motor boating my thighs...then he pulled them off and kissing my thighs and rubbing Jerry over my tom making moan.

Then he removed my panties and kissing my thighs and then entering his tongue in!His wet big tongue entered me and I gripped the sheets and I felt him rub my tom and he spelled 'Justin Drew Bieber' and I flipped us and I got on top of him and rode him slowly."Stop teasing Melissa"He said holding my hips and he shoved Jerry in me hitting my spot and making me climax..

"Jus-Justinnnnn"I moaned loudly and then he switched and entered me fast...I thought I was gonna blow and I squirted on him and he thrusted more and then he shoved "dirty" jerry in my mouth and I swallowed him all and he cummed in my mouth..

"Best sex ever babe!"He said.

"I try my best!"I said slowly falling asleep on Justin


Melissa i hope you like!Yay or nah!???

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