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Justin is sitting on the edge of a bed, u get behind him & start to give him a message he closes his eyes & is really into it u stop & start to kiss his neck he just moans u start to suck on his neck he says "Damn baby slow down." u say to him "just relax" u move his head towards u look into his eyes & start to kiss him. He slides his tongue in u & starts to play with your tongue, u caress his hair as u start to makeout heavy. Still kissing him u get up off the bed from behind him & walk around in front of him u sit on his lap & continue to makeout as his hands creep on u, u stop him u look into his eyes & say " just relax & let me take care of u" he gives u a turned on grin. U get up from his lap push back again the bed kneel down on the floor unzip his pants slide your hand down his jeans pull out and slowly start to suck him off. You hear just give out a deep long sigh as u continue to swirl your tongue around him moaning in satisfaction yourself. He puts his hand on your head pushing your head down towards him to pick up your pace & u do so & it drives him insane u pull back & jerk him off with both hands lick his tip sending him chills up his spine he looks at u & bites his lips he leans forward & slides his tongue in your mouth as he gives u a kiss u pull back from the kiss & go back down On him & continue to suck on him faster then before giving Justin and immense amount of pleasure as hes getting rock hard u hear him start to breath faster he says "Babe hold on." u don't listen u continue to suck faster & look up at him & moan as u do so when suddenly he lets out a loud grunt & sigh as he cums. You pull back & smile at him as you lick ur lips & hand. He looks at u pulls u up & says "we're not done yet.m and he winks at you, you laugh & start to make out with him when thru ur gym shorts u feels his hand on ur vag as he starts to slowly rub u as u guys kiss u let out moans in his mouth when u feel his hand getting in ur shorts thru the side as he then moves ur panties to the side too & slides his finger in u making u let out a moan. You look at him as he starts fingering you & he watches u in satisfaction take his pleasure he lays u on your back slides ur shorts off takes ur panties off & throws them across the room he picks u back up grabs u from ur waist sits u on him & Starts making u ride him. As u move & bounce over him the sensation of him sliding himself in & out of u as u go up & down is giving both of u insense pleasure as justing then grabs u from ur hips to make u go faster u lean in on him for support when he then grabs u, turns u over into missionary position and starts ramming himself in u. You grip the sheets in pleasure as he goes faster you can hear his grunts close to ur ear as u dig ur nails into his back in deep insanse pleasure. He lays up over u looks into ur eyes as u let out moans for his name a bead of sweat flows down his cheek down his impecable sexy jawline when suddenly ur back arches ur leg starts to shake u lean ur head back in pleasure and let out ur loudest moan yet & cum Justin leans forward gives u an amazing passionate kiss as he sees ur weak he grabs a blanket lays it over ur fragil body & collapse by ur side. ;)

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