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A Night To Remember..

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One Shot - A night to remember



We were all eating dinner in my dining room; my mom, my dad, my little brother and sister, and my girlfriend-or should I say the love of my life? [Y/N] and I sat next her and we would tease each other,with a grab of the thigh or a brush across each others privates. I wanted her so badly. The fact that I was having these dirty thoughts right in front of my family made my hard on that much harder. I really wanted her. Not just her pussy, no. I wanted her. I wanted to hear her moan my name and throw her head back in ecstasy. I wanted to feel her shaking in pure pleasure beneath me. I wanted to give her a night to rememb-

"Babe?" [Y/N] interrupted my thoughts. She was waiting for the answer to a question I didn't hear.

"Sorry, what was that?"

"I asked if you still wanted to come over to my house after dinner," she said with a familiar smirk only I could see, "My little brother's home alone and we could watch him," lie number one. Even though I was eighteen, [Y/N] still felt she needed to get my parents' approval. "My parents should be back before midnight, so Justin should be home by then." Lie number two. [Y/N]'s little brother was staying at a friend's house and [Y/N] had the place to herself while her parents were away for the weekend.

[Y/N] was obviously a good liar because my parents believed every word. After the plates were in the dishwasher I kissed my mother and little siblings good bye and fist-bumped my dad on the way to my car.

"Well aren't you a smooth one, huh?" I teased [Y/N] as we drove towards her street.

"Sorry, I feel kind of bad lying to your family like that," she admitted. She was such a sweetheart, and that's what makes her daring side all the more sexy. "But..." she continued with the same smirk as before, "I don't feel bad enough not to do this.." [Y/N]'s fingers were crawling up my chest as she was talking and now she was sucking on the spot right behind my earlobe. The spot she knew drove me crazy. i bit my lip. As she started to make her way down my neck, we pulled into her driveway. Thank the heavens. I unbuckled my seatbelt and ran to the other side of the car as fast as a could without looking like a total maniac. I opened her car door and she greeted me with a passionate kiss. As soon as I tried to slip my tongue in, she giggled that adorable giggle of hers and unlocked the door to her house, closing it behind us.

We stood there and looked at each other for a few moments, both of us knowing what was coming next. [Y/N] broke the silence. "Nobody's home baby," she took one step closer. "So I only have one question," another step. "Where?" She whispered seductively as our bodies were touching.

"Upstairs. Bathroom. Shower." was all I could manage to spit out. I was standing body to body with the girl of my dreams and she was asking which room I wanted to have sex in.

She opened the door to her master bathroom. It looked like it was out of a movie or something. [Y/N]'s house was nice, but this bathroom was out of this world. It was tiled from wall to wall with tiny tiles containing different hues of blue. It was luxurious and I was about to have shower sex in it.

[Y/N] turned on the shower and walked back over to me with a smile. Our lips crashed into one another and our tongues fought. Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth while my right hand found it's way to her perfect ass and my left was lost in her hair. She let out a whimper which made me wild. My dick was harder than a rock. In a matter of minutes, clothes were flying off.

We ripped off each others shirts and felt up one another's body. I slide off her denim shorts and sexy little undies. She followed her hands down my abs until she was on her knees, eye level with my belt. She undid the buckle and took off my jeans and looked up into my eyes. She gave me a seductive giggle before going for my boxers.I was breathing heavy. She ripped those off as well and swirled her tongue around the head of my penis. I let out a low moan.

"Mmm, babe..yeah baby like that...uhh," I said under my breath as [Y/N] sucked my member. It felt so fucking good. All of a sudden the pleasure paused and she stood up.

"The shower's waiting, Justin." She bit her lip and pulled me across the beautiful bathroom and into the roomy shower. I kissed from her neck to her breasts and back up again as the hot water ran on us. She let out little moans and threw her head back as i began to suck on her nipples. "Ohh-hh," she moaned, "Oh justin... mm jay....i love youu."

I didnt have to tell her how much I loved her back. Actions speak louder than words. I pushed her up against the shower wall, gave her a loving kiss and looked into her beautiful eyes. I took a deep breath. Then I entered her. Every inch of me. I went at a slow pace at first. We were one. She felt amazing. I let out a grunt with every deep thrust and she matched it with a moan. I decided to pick up the pace and it got even better. At this point, I was practically bucking my hips into her body.

"Fuuuckkk...Justin!!" she screamed. She let me take over her body. She moaned and whimpered at every move and it couldn't have been more of a fucking turn on. We were breathing heavily and even I was yelling.

"YES, fucking yes, baby," I exclaimed. This went on for minutes, but it felt like a lifetime of pleasure. "Baby, im almost there. Fuck baby," I whispered in her ear.

"Cum for me," was the only [Y/N] was able to let out before we both climaxed.

We just stood there in an embrace, holding on to each other so tightly, her head on my chest, letting the water stream over our bodies. "Wow," was all she said.

I finally finished my thought from before and looked into her eyes, "I wanted to give you a night to remember."


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