Cuddle Buddle

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You were alone because your boyfriend,Justin was gone in tour and you wanted to cuddle with him.

Text Convo

*Y is you J is justin*

Y:Hey Babe :/

J:Hey whats wrong?

Y:I.wanna cuddle with youu..

J:Awe babe!I promise to cuddle with you when I get back..

Y:But I want you now..

J:I knew you want me..(;

Y:Lol but please hurry!I love you

J:I love you too Babe

End Of Text Convo

You sighed at disappointment and lock your phone and You stare at your lock screen.Its a picture of Justin picking you up and kissing you.You smiled at the picture and Justin texts you.

J:Go to your front door..

You go to your front door and see a puppy.You picked up the puppy and read the note.

"To my beautiful mommy

puppy x"

You then see Justin standing at the door and you put the puppy down in the house and kiss justin lips.

You missed those lips for 5 months now.

"I missed you.."You said.

"Me too so lets start cuddling"He said smiling.

You two sit on the couch watching all his concerts and you almost cried and laughed at one concert he had.He gave a note to his fans the day you texted him.

"So my girlfriend,Y/n texted me saying she wanted to cuddle..I couldnt be there bug I thoughg it was so sweet.I love her so much,maybe not as much as my mama but I love her and I wanna be with her forever..She will always be my Cuddle Buddle.." He said smiling at the end.

"Cuddle Buddle..?"You asked.

"I thought it was cute.."He said smiling.You kissed him and he deepen the kiss."I've waited so long for this"You said kissing him and he takes you upstairs... ;)

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