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Justin Bieber Imagine

I'm Coming...

Your POV:

I was sitting in the corner of mine and my boyfriend Justin's bedroom as he paced back and forth in anger. He got angry at me because he caught me texting a guy friend that he warned me not to talk to again after he first heard about him.

"I told you, I fucking told you didn't I Y/N?!" Justin yelled snapping his head to look at me. I could see the seething anger in his eyes from across the room

"I-I'm sorry, h-he's my b-b-best friend and it i-is his birthday" I choked out in between sobs

Justin made his way over to me and picked me up. He looked me in the eyes and I was to frightened so I looked away.

"Look at me you bitch!" Justin yelled shaking me wildly. I looked up at him and I saw his eyes grow darker and angrier

Justin has a anger problem, it causes him to blow up at the most smallest thing and unfortunately his anger problem involves being aggressive, so he hits me...But he doesn't mean it though, its the anger that takes over him and he just...snaps.


I was ripped out of my thoughts because of a big sting across my cheek which caused it to throb uncontrollably.

I looked up at a fuming Justin and let out a few sobs as I held my cheek. He crouched down next to me so that we were eye level

"I warned you didn't I?" He whispered but I didn't answer I just looked down at my lap

"Answer me!" He yelled causing me to jump. I nodded quickly and looked up him afraid of what he might do next. "Answer me with words!" He demanded

"Y-Yes" I whispered nodding slowly

"Yes what?" He hissed

"Yes sir" I said barley a whisper

"I warned you and you still disobeyed me, now you will have to be punished" Justin said gripping the back of my head with my hair and getting up puling me with him.

Before I could do anything I was met with another sting to my cheek then another on the other. I would have fallen down if Justin wasn't holding the back of my head, I just stayed hobbled on my legs, his grip being my only support.

Justin stepped back and flexed his knee so it collided with my stomach and sending a agonizing pain through my body. He stepped back and did it again and I whimpered. I could see that he was getting ready to knee me again so I tried to stop him.

"J-Justin...P-P-Please d-don't do th-this" I whimpered in between sobs

"Shut up!" Justin spat and kneed me again but this time let go of my hair so I collapsed

He picked me up again and punched me in the face really hard. I let out a loud cry so that hopefully someone would hear me

"Shut.The.Fuck.UP!" Justin yelled in between punches

I was standing limp in his arms as my body ached all over and I knew that they would soon form serious bruising.

Justin grabbed my hair again and pulled me out of his arms so I stood in front of him.

"This is what you get for disobeying me like that boo" Justin whispered and pushed me back with grate force and the back of my head hit a glass picture frame that was hanging on the wall behind me.

From the force of the push I hit it really hard causing it to shatter and I collapsed forward and hit the floor. As soon as I hit the floor everything around me when fuzzy and then pitch black.

Justin's POV:

I watched for a minute looking for any movement coming from her. Nothing. I crouched down next to her and saw blood pouring from her mouth, nose and various places around her face

"Boo? A-Are you OK?" I questioned afraid to touch her

"Boo?" I questioned again shaking her lightly. Still no movement or a sound

"Y/N this is a joke right?" I questioned with a shaky voice "If this is it is a sick joke and I won't talk to you after this"

I gently pushed her hair away to reveal a bruised, cut and bleeding face. I gasped as soon as I saw it. I didn't mean to hurt her that badly

"Y/N PLEASE?!" I yelled taking her in my arms. Still nothing

"Please boo? I didn't mean it" I whisper putting my forehead against hers.

"I didn't mean it Y/N! Hit me, punch me! Anything but just please don't leave me!" I yelled taking her hand and making her hit me with it. Still nothing.

I put her arm down gently and moved her hair away from her neck and checked her pulse. I couldn't feel anything but her cold and lifeless skin.

I started breathing heavily and uncontrollably and started gasping for air. It felt like the whole room was closing around me and I started to sob wildly

"No, no, no!" I yelled and looked down at her "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed and rested my head in the crook of her neck and sobbed like mad.

"I'm coming baby" I muttered and lifted my head to gently kiss her battered lip "I'm coming..." I whispered and went to go look for a bottle of pain killers....

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