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For @XenaaLewiss

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Hiya Babe!I wanted to do this just for you!

(No people we are friends!Not lesbians!We love justin so don't think nothing)


"Xenaaaaa"Justin said to you.

"Yes Justin!?!"You said.

"I wanna a kid"

You looked at him and gave him a look.

"What did you say?"You said coming the kitchen.

"Good now since I have your attention,I want a icecream sandwich,PLEASE?"Justin said kissing up and down your arm and you gave in.

You came back with his icecream and then Rock Me by One Direction came on.

Justin screamed at the lyrics.

"Hit the PEDAL,HEAVY METAL,SHOW ME YOU CARE!! What does that mean?"He said shocked.

"It means thrust faster!'You said laughing.

"Imm...sure"He said said kissing you passionately!

"I LoveYou Xena"He said

"I love you too Justin"You said.


Well its 1:27 am so Im bored and tired!

I will finish the rest tomorrow!

Good night babes!

-Mother Mofo💋🎀

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