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Hello Beautiful Angels♥

So Im making a new book soon called I Can't Marry Him..

Its gonna be so celebrity packed.

It's gonna have Justin Bieber,The Janoskians(: , Mario Lopez*The Feels*,Alex Pettyfer,Channing Tatum^Sex God^,Ariana Grande,Taylor Swift...

Catch my drift here...So many....

So would you read it?

But you sexy mofos,Request and vote!

I will have lucky reader,not saying who and NO XENA NOT YOU! To be in my next imagine..

Being the OLLG♥

So if you follow me,tweet me,DM me,Comment,Whatever...I will message you to be the OLLG...

Who's in and people keep voting and please Request of who wants a minifanfic so please request please...

So that's two different winners or the same depends which girl I and my judges choose..( :

So Tweet.Comment.Message.DM me.

Please!!I love you readers so much!!!


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